Monday, February 4, 2008

From the Things Happen For A Reason File

Ken and I were so engrossed in the game last night that we didn't realize until we went to bed that we'd gotten 2 or 3 inches of snow! We headed out a little while ago to run some errands, and we figured we'd be okay in one of the Mustangs, because 2-3 inches wouldn't be a problem. We were wrong. It was a heavy, wet snow, and Blacky just got bogged down as we were pulling out of the garage. There was definitely some irritation there, but we decided to take the truck and get our errands done, then we'd take care of Blacky when we got home.

So we headed out in the truck, and on one of the roads on the way to town, we could see where someone had slid off the road, and taken out a mailbox on her way. She was okay, just surprised that it had happened--she drives the road every day, and she must have just hit a slick, slushy spot that grabbed her car. It looked like she had called her husband/boyfriend, and he was there in a truck. Ken backed up and asked if they needed help. The guy asked if our truck was 4 wheel drive (it is), and I guess his wasn't, so he said sure, they'd appreciate the help. Ken hooked up the tow rope and started working to pull out her car. It took some doing, and we were starting to wonder if we'd be able to pull her out, but when she put it in reverse and gave it a little gas, it was enough for the truck to get some traction and pull her out. Yay! A happy ending!

Ken and I were talking about how when living in a climate like this, it's important to help each other out, and our truck did its good deed for the day! After we got home, Ken dug out a little bit around Blacky, and was able to get him unstuck fairly easily. All is well.

A few minutes later

As Ken noted in his comment, he saw our band of turkeys. He counted almost 50 in the back yard, and there were also over 20 in the front yard. The ones in the front yard got startled, and took flight over the house, coming in for a landing in the back yard with the rest of the flock. It was so cool to watch--when they're flying, they look incredibly huge!


buckoclown said...

We had our little holiday yesterday and errands and good deeds today.  While I was cleaning the driveway, I noticed our turkey band out in the western marsh.  Country life at is worst and best. :o)

deshelestraci said...

You would have been pretty useless and possibly off the road in your Mustang.  It is wet and super rainy here today.

shrbrisc said...

our snow finally melted we are in the 70's today it is crazy here and then we are suppose to have 3 inches before friday you gotta love Missouri

rdautumnsage said...

That's something I don't think anyone country life does have it's up and downs....A friend mentioned a story she had heard about her co-worker. Her co-worker had a running farm with a herd of cows. She had just that night separated the calves from the mothers to learn to be on their own. Later that night at 2AM the door bell rings. It's the police with a noise ordinance warning. Apparently the new neighbors had called in to report the calves caterwauling all night. The police were understanding but said they had to come out and investigate when someone calls. The new neighbors complained they had moved to the country to be able to have some peace and quiet....I can't help but think, what in the world did they think the cops would be able to do to keep the calves from crying??? Of course nothing could be done, they caterwauled all night long for a few nights. (Hugs) Indigo

luvrte66 said...

Oh, that's just something else, Indigo. What do people expect when they move to the boonies or to farm country?! It's been a struggle for me at times, because we find dead birds and critters quite often, some that have been attacked by other critters. That just kills me, but I try to remember that this IS the cycle of nature. I think I've written about being woken up in the night by things actually screaming--it's a terrible sound, but it is what it is. 95% of the time, it is extremely quiet out here.


queeniemart said...

that was really a nice thing that you did by helping that lady......i would have been so scared if i was her.

nelishianatl said...

My husband and I are the exact same way when we see someone in distress, we're there.  I think anywhere you live, you're just better a society as a whole if you stop and lend a hand, if you care.  We live in the country in NW Georgia and all of the above stuff you mentioned happens, from the farm animals to the circle of life.  We even hear coyotes howl at night.  I love it here but that's just how it is.  We haven't had snow you guys have but I would love some if you don't mind to send it our way.


luvrte66 said...

Nelishia writes, "My husband and I are the exact same way when we see someone in distress, we're there.  I think anywhere you live, you're just better a society as a whole if you stop and lend a hand, if you care." You're so right, Nelishia! We have a large Amish population around here, and I think we can all learn from them...they help each other in times of need, and as you said, we ARE a better society when we help each other. But we also need to be careful--I'm not a big person, and I don't put myself into harm's way when I'm by myself.

I would LOVE to send some of this snow your way, believe me! :) By the way, my folks used to have a place in northeast Georgia, up in the mountains. I spent my summers there when I was in college, and it's some of my fondest memories. It's still one of my favorite places...the north Georgia mountains. Beautiful!