Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On a roll

That's right, Obama has won 10 in a row. In a parry to the increasing jabs about his "lack of experience," he had this to say:

"Hope is not blind optimism. It's as if the cynics are saying we need to season and stew him a little more and boil all the hope out of him," Barack Obama said after his victory in Wisconsin's Democratic primary Tuesday night.

Oh yeah, I should put in the disclaimer here.

Disclaimer: Nice things about Obama ahead

What a great line..."boil all the hope out of him." Ha! But the more important line is "hope is not blind optimism." I pondered that for a bit, and I believe I see the difference. To me, blind optimism is sitting back passively and expecting all the change to be done by others, and to come to you. Hope seems to me to be a little more involved. I can say "I hope" that things will be done, but realize that I may need to play a part in it, do something to make sure that whatever I'm hoping for actually happens.

His big win in Hawaii came as no surprise, but I was a bit surprised by his big win in Wisconsin, 58%-41%. Apparently he also did well among working class voters, which is pretty huge heading into Ohio and Pennsylvania. I also read that Clinton's negative ads lately really aren't sitting well with most people, so she could be in real trouble. Her campaign is saying that either or both Ohio and Texas are a must-win for her.

Oh my goodness, breaking news on CNN, from LaPorte, Indiana (which is not too far away from us). A 70-car pileup on the Indiana Toll Road. Oh, it looks awful. It's due to snowy conditions on the road. It's not that bad here at the moment, but we are supposed to be getting some snow today. I'm happy to be at home today!

This is around the time of year when the winter doldrums start setting in for me. We haven't had any huge storms lately, but it seems like almost every day we have a little bit of snow--an inch here, 3 inches there--and it all just wears me down. I want to yell, "Enough, already!" I just have to keep reminding myself that there's just a little over a week of February left, and as we head into March, we can expect to start seeing a bit of a warm up. It's! But spring still seems so far away.


Ahh, the pileup isn't as bad as first reported. First of all, it's on I-94, not the Toll Road, it involves 11 semis and 10-15 cars, and no serious injuries. There were white-out conditions at the time, and the road was slick. But thank goodness no one was seriously hurt!


frankandmary said...

I would think Hill would have an image consultant telling her that she is already viewed as somewhat negative & that she should not compound that with negative ads.  When too much negativity encompasses a campaign, not only does the candidate look desparate, but also rageful, like personal anger welling up & being placed on the other candidate(enemy); people tend to be scared off by that.

queeniemart said...

the weather here was and IS awful....and more coming tomorrow. I cant wait for it all to be over with.
Glad that pile up was not as bad as thought.
Take care and be safe.


rdautumnsage said...

There's been a lot of problems with people sliding off the roads around us too. The snowfall today was unexpected, glad we didn't have plans. (Hugs) Indigo