Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tonight's menu

A while back, pork tenderloin medallions were on sale, so tonight I'm making Pork Tenderloin Diane. I got to use my meat mallet again. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy using my meat mallet? After browning them, you deglaze the pan and make a sauce with Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and then add some Dijon mustard. I've made it once before, and we both liked it. I'm also making some wild rice, and for a veggie, peas.

Hey, I'm hungry.


Yep, it was good, and I'm as full as a tick. I'm getting pleasantly tired, and looking forward to a good night's sleep!

Ken and I are bummed--I heard today that "Vegas" has been canceled. It's one of our favorites! Several years ago, we also loved another Friday night show, "Third Watch." It got canceled, too. Seems that if we love a Friday night show, it's pretty much the death knell for it. But "Vegas"? Aww, man!

And later

We had a really neat moment at work today. I think we were talking about where Felicia's dad (a doctor) goes in Africa to assist in medical care. Her dad has gone to Tanzania in the past, but he has now gone to Uganda. One of our coworkers, Eugene, is from Rwanda. I pulled up a map of Africa on my computer, and zeroed in on Rwanda. (By the way, Eugene lost many family members in the genocide in Rwanda...but he is one of the kindest and best men I have ever met, and I admire him so much.) When I pulled up the map, I asked him what area he was from. He pointed out where he was born, where his wife is from, where his mother lives, then told us about how he drove his motorcycle all around the country (he said it's about the size of Maryland). From the map, it seemed that it was very mountainous, and I asked him about that--he said that it IS mountainous in the western part, but in the eastern part, it's more like lowlands. There is one active volcano in the north. It was pretty cool, because several of us were gathered around my computer as Eugene pointed out to us certain towns and cities, and then showed us the route he took when he took a road trip on his motorcycle. Working with people like Eugene (he was a student doing his internship a couple of years ago, and I liked him even then, as I worked with him in his training) makes me realize that we are very fortunate here. It was a really great moment when we were all looking at the map of Eugene's country, and he was telling us about it.

Oh...I'm done. I'm beyond tired. Sleep tight!


rdautumnsage said...

I think most shows are doomed with a Friday Night line-up. I think the diversity and melting pot essence of this country is awesome. Glad you got a chance to experience that at work. (Hugs) Indigo

queeniemart said...

makes it cool to think someone from the other side of the world can come along and change how you see things, huh?
Your dinner sounded good. I hate it when you love a show and it gets cancelled.
HUGS, lisa