Thursday, February 21, 2008


Great comments tonight!

Ziggy said: "I am not sure what you are referring to about this "pickle" that John McCain is in. Again I am behind in my current affairs. Perhaps there have been some rumours flying about a relationship in his past, but I am not sure. I think it is so sad when people start slinging mud and throwing around unproven accusations and pointing fingers. It just makes me want to say "let all those who are without sin cast the first stone". No doubt one would never get thrown. They really do need to concentrate on the job at hand and show how they can run your country. Everyone needs to work together. All of this petty stuff says more about the people saying it than it does about the person to whom the finger is being pointed. Only small, jealous, desperate people would stoop that low, so first one has to consider the source...which I see remains elusively anonymous. Small people and childish tactics."

Amen, Ziggy, especially your "elusively anonymous" remark, and the "childish tactics." Very well said.

Myra wrote: "When my FIL was home all he ever watched was infomercials, and he'd order every gadget imaginable, all in the name of making my job easier, as head cook and bottle washer. I have this "hot dog maker" thing. It has a basket (purple) for the weiners, and 4 steel rods on all four corners, that you wrap the bun around. When its turned on, the weiners steam, and the rods warm up the buns. It is unreal! This is the weirdest one, but we have a whole storage room of gadgets that I don't even know what they do! And they're not cheap!"

I cracked up over your elaborate hot dog cooker, Myra! When I was single and working evening shift, I would sometimes watch infomercials--they were always so insane and hilarious!

Lisa said: "i hate my can was not cheap and it still barely works. That steak toaster is cool......i also want to buy an ice tea maker sometime soon.
We are seeing brand new Clinton and Obama commercials here in Ohio since they want our votes. I have not seen one McCain ad."

I've ordered a West Bend can opener...I'll let you know how it works. It was kind of fun spending a night in Ohio and getting to see a political commercial or two. Our primary isn't until May 6th, so we have NO commercials airing here. It was neat to see a few political ads!

More tomorrow! I'm feeling pleasantly tired and looking forward to some quality snooze time. Everyone sleep tight tonight!


jimsulliv3 said...

Leave it to the New York times to come up with a "revelation" that's 8 years old. If we start looking for mud to throw at all the condidtaes, we'll have no election. 'cause there'll be no candidates.

BTW - American Idol got 28 million votes tonight. Kinda sad, don'tcha think?


luvrte66 said...

Jimmy wrote: "American Idol got 28 million votes tonight. Kinda sad, don'tcha think?"

Agreed, Jimmy. We do watch Idol, but tonight we tuned in to the debate. I can only take so much Idol...then again, I can only take so much debate!


shrbrisc said...

have a great night

queeniemart said...

Wow, if i was Myra and could play with all those "As seen on TV" toys, i'd be in heaven! lol

stay safe!!!!
HUGS, lisa