Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't mess with Elvis

Yes, we watch "American Idol." (But we vote in our elections, too, so don't worry!) There are some great contestants this year--my favorites so far are the Australian guy who sang "Light My Fire," and the dreadlocked guy who sang "Daydream." Excellent!

But there were a couple of contestants that just made me want to go all Elvis on the TV. (Not really--I'd never harm you, Bigscreen! I love you, man!) In fact, these weenies tried to SING Elvis, and failed miserably. One attempted "Jailhouse Rock," and the other tried "Suspicious Minds." I told Ken that seeing those lame attempts only serve to show what a great performer Elvis was. I also said that tomorrow I'm going to have to play some Elvis to cleanse my palate of these horrid performances. I can forgive a bad performance, because not everyone can be excellent, but when the dork who sang "Jailhouse Rock" got all pouty and obnoxious, that was the last straw. Next!

We're watching "Jericho" at the moment. We liked it when we first started watching, then it got kind of lame, but they've come back big time. We read something about how they decided to get away from personal, romantic relationships, and refocus on life after a nuclear attack. Good choice, because it's taken a darker, more interesting turn. There's a new president (elected by who?), a new flag (chosen by who?), and the new "president" wants to write a new Constitution!


ziggy2315 said...

I was at work tonight so had to tape Idol. Now you have made me curious about what awaits me. Not sure how people who make it to the top 24 could be such lowsy singers, but some of them are and don't we know it.

queeniemart said...

in my house, Elvis is King. "Suspicious Minds" is my FAV Elvis song and he murdered it. I do not like that kid who sang "Jailhouse Rock" either. I love love love Michael, the dude singing Morrison.
HUGS, lisa

rdautumnsage said...

I didn't realize Jericho was back. I'll have to try to catch it the next time it's on. Thanks for the heads up hon! (Hugs) Indigo