Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hillary's HDSM?

Another good day at work, a sunny day, and I'm home with Hubby, feeling very relaxed, and very happy to have a day off tomorrow! Life is good!

We had a fun and interesting discussion at work today. We talked about Hillary's harangue. Jillian hadn't watched the news, but we had NPR on the radio, and she got to hear a couple of snippets of it. Jillian likes Clinton, but I think she was pretty disappointed in hearing the angry diatribe. We were all puzzled by how the gracious tone in Clinton's voice at the end of the debate this past Thursday--which she got kudos for--turned into the shrillness of yesterday's press conference. The profound change seems kind of unstable and weird to me.

At work, I mentioned reading Ellen Goodman's column in Saturday's paper. She wrote about how Obama is showing more of a feminine side (in his conciliatory attitude) than Hillary is able to, and that Obama may be benefiting more from the women's movement than is Clinton. I thought that was a really interesting perspective, and it made me think. We all had a good talk about how there really is a very fine line when it comes to women in powerful positions. If you are too strong, you come across as a bitch, but you can't risk being too weak, because then you won't be respected. Hillary gained voters when she showed a slightly vulnerable side, but how will this angry outburst play? I can't imagine that it will play well, because it really put me off, and apparently quite a few others. Pat's comment to her husband (who likes Hillary) was, "Oh, come on! She sounds like the teacher everyone hated when they were in 6th grade!" I said I thought this could be the death knell for Clinton.

They played the audio on NPR a few times in the morning, and Eugene (my coworker from Rwanda) said, "Oh, the fight continues." After hearing it for probably the third or fourth time, Eugene had the comment of the day. In his accented English (a sort of charming mix, with heavy French influences), he said, "This could be like the guy who did the...'AAHHHHHH!' What was his name?" We all cracked up, and I said, "You're right, Eugene! This could be Hillary's Howard Dean Scream Moment!" (Thus the subject line.)


I really don't know if it will play out that way, but her challenge to Obama to "Meet me in Ohio!" for a debate sounded ludicrous, considering that they just had a debate in Austin, and a debate in Ohio on the 26th has been scheduled for some time. Her speech in Rhode Island today was sarcastic, snarky, and mocking of not only Obama, but anyone who has been galvanized or inspired by his ideas, speeches, and detailed plans. Since when did challenging people to be more than they have been, and to be all that they can be, become something to ridicule? If you build it, they will come. If you raise the bar, they will respond. Nothing has ever been accomplished by lowering expectations, or believing the least of people. I have always believed, I still do, and I'm pretty sure that I always will, that if you expect the best of people and prove yourself to be a worthy example, you will also get THEIR best. I think I'll borrow a page from Hillary's "playbook" and say, "Shame on you, Hillary Clinton!"

And I'm sorry, but her angry rant struck me as nothing so much as planned theatrics...or maybe it was just a hissy fit.


buckoclown said...

As each day passes, it is harder and harder for us to remain neutral.  Basically, we like Obama much better than Hillary, especially with her new found sarcastic diatribe and lack of inspiration, and she only is feeding into his "change" message.  As for McCain, we still need to see if he can step up and demonstrate that he can be non-partisan and trully lead the country.

Nice to have Wifey home, in a good mood due to a less stressful day, and a day off tomorrow.  I will try and get home at a decent hour :o)

queeniemart said...

It does not bother me one bit to have Hillary be a bitch......she is a smart and strong person and happens to be female. I would not trust any female who wanted to be my President who did not have steel inside of her. Her husband, Bill, is in my Ohio city right now and will speak in one hour at our local YMCA. I got 2 phone calls in the last 24 hrs from Hillary (recorded, of course) and one of her supporters and i had a nice long conversation.
Enjoy your day off!
Hugs to YOU


frankandmary said...

In the past, as a manager, I've been accused of being too aggressive & manly, which I mostly took as a compliment since it always came from someone who was intent on making me their water carrier, which I've never been predisposed toward.  So I'm definitely not looking for Hillary to be ingratiating or girly, but she often comes off plain nasty.  ~Mary