Saturday, February 2, 2008

"Saw IV"

For our viewing pleasure during dinner and after, we chose "Saw IV." Perhaps an odd choice while eating, but we loves us our scary movies.

Apparently this one went straight to video, so we weren't quite sure what to expect. We loved the previous "Saw" movies, because the stories were so unexpected (especially the first one) and suspenseful. They focused a little too much on the gore in this one, but the suspense was still there, and it actually turned out to be pretty good. It explained a lot about how and why Jigsaw turned into a serial was almost sympathetic in the telling of the tale, but at the end of the day, he's still a serial killer. Along the way, there were plenty of inventive and twisted ways to meet your maker. (Two words: ice blocks.)

I can't recommend it to everyone, unless you love horror movies. If you do, it's worth watching.



queeniemart said...

i have this on our NETFLIX list....Rick LOVES these kind of movies...NOT ME!, lol. I like scary books but do not want to watch. I will tell him you and Ken liked it.
Hugs, lisa

luvrte66 said...

I LOVE scary movies, Lisa, and have ever since I was a little girl. Not so much the "slasher" movies, although there are some good ones. Mostly the creepy, psychological horror movies. One of my all-time favorites is "Psycho."


lisa41076 said...

Beth, not really a big horror film watcher but glad you enjoyed it, Hugs Lisa

deshelestraci said...

Not a huge fan of scary.  Real life is scary enough.  LOL

luvrte66 said...

True enough, Traci! I'm not sure why I like scary...maybe it's the adrenaline rush.