Saturday, February 9, 2008

Medical ethics...yet again

I just got another comment from the organ donor guy, again hawking the site and phone number. The comment has been deleted, and I have blocked him, but here is his comment, again without the naughty bits.

With all due respect, you folks are all defending the right of people to get organs without being willing to donate their own organs. This might seem defensible if there wasn't a large organ shortage. Please explain why it makes sense to give organs to people who won't donate their own.

You are also attacking the right of organ donors to decide who gets their organs, while defending the right of people to decide that NOBODY will get their organs. I just don't get it. Would somebody please explain how this makes sense?

Organs for Organ Donors -- the concept makes sense. Give organs first to organ donors, and you'll get more organ donors. You'll save more lives. Which of your objections is so important that it justifies saving fewer lives and letting more people die?

I'm really not sure why he keeps showing up on this little blog. I really could go on and on about all the reasons I find this objectionable: lack of compassion, exclusionism, etc. If I had to explain why it makes sense to give organs to those who won't donate their own, I would first reiterate that it is not our decision to make, and secondly, I would echo Reader Mary's comment that there are those who do not donate for medical, personal, and religious reasons. Instead of promoting exclusionary organizations, perhaps a concerted effort to change the laws (an "implied consent" approach) would be more in order. Just my opinion, though.


buckoclown said...

As a long time designated organ donor, I agree with the concept.  Instead of setting up an exclusionary group, they would serve the greater good by helping communicate the need, and institute a grass-roots effort to get more organ donors signed up.  As in many ways, there are problems with the organ donor program, but instead of setting up band-aids, why not look at the root of the problem, and make an effort to get more people to be donors.  That is the real solution!  Having a small group of dedicated donors will not address the issue, since the probability of a match for a small group is minimal.  So, here is my second "You Go Girl" reference. :o)

frankandmary said...

You may be just a "little" blog, but if what they are doing here is any indication, they need PR help badly.  Are the words of their mouth, feelings of their heart, meeting the action of their hands?  Are they donating organs to be compassionate, or as a sort of insurance policy that they will get one if need be?  I think I am responding justifiably & not oversensitively when I say that there is over the top arrogance in demanding organs only go to donors.
I volunteer with food pantries that ASK not demand that people provide some "help" or do some work for us.  Some never do, should we deny them food?  They want food without giving anything in return.~Mary

luvrte66 said...

Nicely said, Mary.


ziggy2315 said...

This organ donor guy and his organization are a bit absurd and self serving. I have donated blood, but never did so with the intention that my blood HAD to go to someone who would also donate theirs. That is not my business. If I want to donate organs, it is not for me to decide who they will go to, nor would I want to do that. Again, it is an anonymous gift and whoever they go to will be the ones most in need. Good enough for me. Not sure why it is not good enough for this squirrel. This man (I presume he is a man cause no woman would likely think that way) needs to find a life, he obviously has too much time on his hands dictating about such stupid nonsense.

queeniemart said...

just because someone does not want to give his organs at death does not mean he does not deserve to get an organ while alive.

deshelestraci said...

Mary is right, these people must be having a pr proplems.  For obvious reasons!

shrbrisc said...

I agree with you my mom couldn't donate because of health reasons and if they were healthy enought to donate they wouldn't need the organs

luvrte66 said...

To top it all off, after I blocked this guy, he went over to Ken's journal and left a comment there, saying that I had blocked him, but he had written about me on HIS blog concerning organ donation. Now we're making jokes about the organ donor police....

I don't want to make light of this issue. It IS a very serious problem, and that's where this guy and I can find common ground. I encourage everyone to be a donor if they are able to do so. Can you imagine knowing that you helped save a life, or gave someone the gift of sight? That's pretty amazing.