Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gadget Heaven

Hmm, sounds like McCain is in a bit of a pickle. I'm very hesitant to totally believe these allegations of a "relationship" with a lobbyist, though, because it's all coming from anonymous sources, and I'm sure there are always people who have a bone to pick and/or an axe to grind. Until someone actually comes forward and claims to have witnessed something, I'm going to take it with a big ol' grain of salt. We have a thing called the right to confront your accuser, and if someone wants to just sit back and anonymously tell stories, I tend to not believe them. I'm also not a fan of people who make up stories, or twist things around to their own advantage, or delude themselves into believing that things happened a certain way...but that's just me. I've also read one of McCain's books, and my impression is that he's a decent guy.

Obama picked up more endorsements from trade unions today, and I hope to watch the debate tonight. I have a feeling the fur's going to fly! Clinton will be ready to fight, but Obama needs to keep his cool. Should be interesting!

To get away from politics for the moment--as much as I'm fascinated by it all, sometimes I need a break--and to the subject of this entry, does anyone else love kitchen gadgets? We have a small kitchen, so I can't have very many, but if we had a big kitchen, I'd probably have just about every kitchen doodad imaginable. (I just ordered a new can opener, and I'm quite excited about it.) I even love the non-electric ones, like cheese graters and silicone brushes, etc. I've also written several times here about the love I have for my meat mallet! I wish I had room for a toaster oven, but I already have several appliances in a cabinet downstairs, so I really don't have room for one. Anyhoo, I loves me my gadgets! Which brings me to this...I heard about it on Bob & Tom this morning:


Is that the coolest thing, or what?! Its official name is a SteakHouse Indoor Grill, made by Ariete, but it looks like a steak toaster to me. It looks like it has a little grill basket thing, and you put your steak in there, then load the basket into the steak toaster. Your steak is held vertically, and much of the fat drips down. You can also adjust the dial, just like a bread toaster, but instead of light or dark, you make it rare, medium, or well. What a great concept! However, at $220, I don't think we'll be getting a steak toaster any time soon. Drat it all.

Seeing the steak toaster gives me joy. Not just because it's so freakin' cool, but it tells me that if our world's scientists can come up with a steak toaster, they have the ability to do great things. Things like the development of alternative fuels, a cure for cancer, and maybe even a time machine. When I see the steak toaster, I don't just see a simple kitchen gadget designed to cook a single steak. I see hope for the world. <wink>



frankandmary said...

I just left a comment about the McCain thing elsewhere & am going to say the same here:

I was not hot over Clinton having all those affairs both before & during his presidency(although I did think it wrong), I was hot over the angry outbursts,fake efforts & lies that he dragged out for so long while he was supposed to be running our country. Not giving McCain a pass here, but I do see it as different, & I am interested to see how McCain handles this since in the past he has been pretty honest about things, even when that honesty has hurt his career & fractured his party at times.

A candidate having an affair isn't a deal breaker for my vote, how he handles the disclosure though may be. ~Mary

luvrte66 said...

I totally agree with your feelings on the whole thing, Mary. At this point, I don't believe anything has been proven, and McCain seems quite adamant that nothing untoward happened. I'm sure we'll find out more in the coming weeks, but for the moment, this is a non-issue for me.


buckoclown said...

May have to re-think our plans to expand the kitchen in a few years :o)

shrbrisc said...

I love new gadgets but sometimes I think why didn't I think of that ,

ziggy2315 said...

I love that steak toaster. What a cool invention. Perfect for someone living in a small apartment or condo who can't have a bbq. This would do nicely.

I am not sure what you are referring to about this "pickle" that John McCain is in. Again I am behind in my current affairs. Perhaps there have been some rumours flying about a relationship in his past, but I am not sure. I think it is so sad when people start slinging mud and throwing around unproven accusations and pointing fingers. It just makes me want to say "let all those who are without sin cast the first stone". No doubt one would never get thrown. They really do need to concentrate on the job at hand and show how they can run your country. Everyone needs to work together. All of this petty stuff says more about the people saying it than it does about the person to whom the finger is being pointed. Only small, jealous, desperate people would stoop that low, so first one has to consider the source...which I see remains elusively anonymous. Small people and childish tactics.

mpnaz58 said...

When my FIL was home all he ever watched was infomercials, and he'd order every gadget imaginable, all in the name of making my job easier, as head cook and bottle washer.  I have this "hot dog maker" thing.  It has a basket (purple) for the weiners, and 4 steel rods on all four corners, that you wrap the bun around.  When its turned on, the weiners steam, and the rods warm up the buns.  It is unreal!  This is the weirdest one, but we have a whole storage room of gadgets that I don't even know what they do!  And they're not cheap!
xoxo ~Myra

queeniemart said...

i hate my can was not cheap and it still barely works. That steak toaster is cool......i also want to buy an ice tea maker sometime soon.
We are seeing brand new Clinton and Obama commercials here in Ohio since they want our votes. I have not seen one McCain ad.
HUGS, lisa

rdautumnsage said...

I learned a long time ago there are always two sides to a story. Until you've heard both, your not in any place to throw stones. As for your Stk. Toaster, It reminds me of the weird gadgets they had in the 60's. I can almost see sparks and smoke pouring out of it.....(Hugs) Indigo