Saturday, February 23, 2008

Battery recharged

Wow, I feel much better today! (Thanks everyone, for your encouraging comments. It helped a lot!) I felt like I slept really well last night, better than I have for the past few nights. I still wasn't thrilled about getting up this morning, and I felt really chilled, but once I got going I was okay. I did sort of dread going into work, because after the past few days, I was anticipating the worst. It turned out that we all had a really good day, the workload was lighter--quite a surprise, because Saturdays can be our worst day--and we got out of there at a decent time. And Indigo, I liked your suggestion about visualizing my countdown clock--I actually did that today, and guess what? It made me smile!

I haven't gotten to use my new can opener yet, darn it. I did look for a can in the recycling bin, but one wasn't readily available, and I didn't really want to dig too deep in there. I DO have my limits, believe it or not! Instead, I just played with it a bit, pressing down the lever once in a while. It's so quiet! I also demonstrated to Ken how you can remove the entire cutting assembly and put it in the dishwasher. He was fascinated, as I'm sure you can imagine! Ha!

A little political stuff, then I'm done (for today, at least!). Pat and I were talking a bit at work about the health care thing. She asked if Obama is the one who wants to fine people if they don't have insurance, and I said no, that's Clinton. She wants to mandate that everyone be required by law to have health insurance. Jillian felt that would be better than what we have now, but I disagree. I think it opens a big ol' can of worms, without saying exactly how the plan will be administered or enforced. (I was going to say "financed," also, but I'm assuming that Clinton has laid out how she will finance this.) To illustrate the point, in Indiana, we are required by law to have car insurance. After a quick check, I found out that 1 in 5 motorists does not have car insurance in Indiana. This is why the rest of us have to have uninsured/underinsured coverage on OUR policies. So 20% of the people do not care about that particular law and/or have found a way to circumvent it. Simply making a law does not mean that everyone is going to follow it. (Like I need to point this out?) I like the idea of really changing things, making health insurance more affordable, and holding doctors and hospitals and other providers accountable for their costs. I often see docs order duplicate cultures--two urine cultures on the same day, for example--which is unnecessary and a double charge to the patient and their insurance company. There is definitely room for improvement, and I say we make some actual changes rather than just allowing more money to be sucked into the healthcare black hole.

Just my opinion, as always!

I was going to write about getting our hi def satellite dish installed today, but Ken wrote a nice entry about his day today, including the installation of said dish. His entry made me smile, so you might want to take a look.

Since I got home at a decent time this afternoon, I think I'm going to have to read a bunch of Duma Key. Last evening, I passed my "tipping point" in the book--the spot where I go from being happily interested to totally sucked in. I was enjoying the first few chapters, I really like the main character (Edgar), and I love King's descriptions of the lushness of the Florida vegetation. But things are starting to get a little weird, and now I'm hooked. I know that some people (critics, for the most part, rather than us loyal readers) consider Stephen King a hack writer, but I say screw them. Yes, I said it! He's written some of the most likable characters, people you really sympathize with, and think, "I would like that person in real life." His tales never fail to draw me in, so I make no apologies whatsoever for loving Stephen King's books. He's been my favorite for years, and he's still my favorite. Off to hit the book!


buckoclown said...

You are preaching to the choir baby (that one was for you Indy) :o)

King is great, one of my favorites.  I recently finished The Appeal by J. Grisham.  Glad he got  back to his legal stories.  Since I know you will read this soon (it is in your massive book stack), I will not reveal more, but know that it is engaging, and a must read in this political season. :o)

queeniemart said...

there are a few writers that write so vividly that the book stays with me for days after reading it and King does that to me with every book. Also, i will dream about what he writes.....they are crazy if they think he is a hack.
I would be interested to know more about the health care thing. I work where i work because 13 yrs ago i worked in a nursing pool and they provided no insurance or benefits though it was a cushy job. So, i left for my current employer. I have spent 13 yrs barely being able to afford to use my expensive insurance. Ohio also has a law saying you must have car insurance.
So glad to hear that your day at work was a decent one!
HUGS, lisa