Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Your honor, my client is an idiot!"

That's one of the Bob & Tom Show's catchphrases, and references those who represent themselves in court. The latest to attempt that is the ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney, Heather Mills. Not only does she have no talent, she's also greedy, hungry for fame, and apparently a dumbass to boot. She's going after one of the most beloved performers in musical history, she's trying to get her money-grubbing fingers into his pockets, and she expects that everyone will sympathize with HER. Have you had one of those exes where you think, "God, I wish I'd never met him." I bet Paul is thinking exactly that right now. One of the big sticking points in the settlement is apparently that she refuses to agree to STOP TALKING about the marriage and about Paul. Instead of going out with grace, she wants to completely trash the guy and attempt to make everyone believe that he's an awful person.

Because she is representing herself, the possibility exists that she could cross-examine Sir Paul. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in that courtroom! What she doesn't seem to understand in her infinite wisdom is that the harder she tries to portray Paul as a monster, the worse she makes herself look. She comes across as a gold-digging, vindictive bitch, and really, Heather, that's never attractive. Part of her brilliant courtroom strategy today was to show this "clever" little video that she put together, to illustrate how being married to Paul ruined her life. Hey, Einstein, you married a BEATLE, for God's sake...did you think there would ever be a day in your life when reporters weren't after you? What planet are you living on?

See...isn't that just so witty and clever? I especially like how she added music and everything. Has she no concept of how incredibly foolish she seems with these kinds of cutesy tactics? You're in a court of law, you silly woman, and there is no room for cutesy. Ugh. Hop off into the sunset and as you grow older, I'm sure you'll look back on your 15 minutes of fame with great fondness. But your 15 minutes are up. Next!

Well, my plan was to run by the store for a few things after work tonight, but the snow was quite a bit heavier than expected. It was pretty slow going for a while, and since there was nothing urgent I needed to get, I decided to head home, since it was still snowing fairly hard. I hope it lets up soon, because I don't want Ken to have to snow blow the driveway when he gets home.

Since I was off yesterday, I didn't get to hear the reaction to my retirement of some of my other coworkers that didn't work the weekend. Everyone was so nice...they said they'd really miss me, but they were also really happy for me. Except for one person. She wasn't mean or anything, but she didn't say a word about it to me--no congratulations, nothing. I understand that she really wants to retire, but isn't quite to that point yet, but what a shame that she couldn't bring herself to say something. I really couldn't even get mad about it...I just found it kind of sad. Someone even said something about how they were envious, wished it were them, etc., but they went on to say, "Good for you." Well, I've got a couple of months to go, so maybe she'll manage to choke out a "good luck" or something. Yeah...kinda sad.

Just waiting for the Potomac Primary results to start coming in! The polls don't close until 7 and 8 PM, so I don't expect anything real soon. Obama is expected to win them all, and Clinton has already moved on to Texas.



queeniemart said...

i wonder how many people will get where you wrote "hop off into the sunset" LOL
What is wrong with her lips in the video? They look like blow fish lips.
I hope that coworker comes around and wishes you true good wishes. Some people are petty or just so self absorbed they get jealous of others good fortune.
HUGS, lisa jo

luvrte66 said...

Hee heeee! YOU got it, Lisa! ;)


jimsulliv3 said...

She'll hang herself, by and by. I have no sympathy for her and "gold digger" would seem sweet compared to my thoughts about her.

BTW, she makes a good nominee indeed for the CAT award !


frankandmary said...

I seem to agree with you on many things; thanks to Lisa Jo(whom I adore) for leading me in your direction.  Heather seems to be random & incoherent, lurching from subject to phrase. Does anyone remember the loving care he took of Linda while she battled cancer?  Now he married a woman without a limb & had total disregard(according to Heather) for that?  I would think that unlikely, at best.  I have met men that don't do what they term "illness" well & some have left longstanding relationships where that was present(Paul didn't, he took care of Linda to the end & even her daughter, who was not his bio daughter, says so), but I doubt if Paul was that dubious about her problems he would have gotten involved in the first place.

I wonder if anyone worries about the child in this?  Not Heather. ~Mary

luvrte66 said...

I'm glad you're reading my journal, Mary--I really enjoy your comments! And yeah, Paul was devoted to Linda...from everything I've read, she was the love of his life. That makes it especially awful that he somehow got sucked in by this bimbo.

Ah well...what goes around comes around, and Karma will get her in the end!


rdautumnsage said...

When someone is so taken with themselves they can't muster up simple greetings toward another's good fortune....I have to wonder how long before the inside rots to match the rotten attitude on the outside....

Amazing out of all the Beatles Paul is the least likely to be a vindictive ass toward his mate....The woman is obviously barking up the wrong tree. I agree with Mary on his behavior toward his wife while she dealt with her Cancer, quite a few men wouldn't have been so supportive. (Hugs) Indigo