Monday, June 2, 2008

Another R&R day

It looks like we can't get the network during the day--our guess is due to excessive interference from the pool speakers, etc. (We'd be perfectly happy with nothing but the sound of the ocean, believe me!) It doesn't seem to be a problem in the evening, though, which works out just fine, because as much as I like y'all, I'd rather be sitting outside during the day!

This morning I finished my second book, and then started another. I have two more with me, so we'll see if they last the week! We headed out to the beach, and WOW, I'd forgotten just how how the sun is here! As I was laying there, all I kept thinking was the line from the B-52's classic "Rock Lobster," where Fred says dramatically, "Bakin' patatahs, bakin' in the sun!" Splashing around in the ocean a bit really helped cool us off.

Speaking of the beach, we're amazed at what they've done here. Ken noticed major earth-moving equipment when he took a jog on the beach yesterday, and a little bit ago, we walked down there to check it out. After the hurricanes came through here a few years ago, the beach was severely eroded from the storm surge. We were amazed to see how close the ocean was to the condos at high tide. We've noticed a lot of work to remedy that, including sea walls all along the beach. This year was an even more dramatic change, with a huge buildup of beachfront. There are even small cliffs where the beach meets where the water comes up at high tide. I'm not sure how long all this will last, but it's got to provide some protection against storm surge. We'll try to walk down again and get a picture of the 18-inch diameter pipe that's spewing out sand dredged from the inlet way down the beach. It's an amazing sight!

Here's Ken cooking our ribs last night--they were excellent! We had some left, so he had one for lunch today.

We had a bit of a change of plans today as far as our menu goes. Our plan was to stop by the fish market and get some scallops, but we had a "fitch glitch." It's closed on Sunday and Monday! Drat it all! We thought about getting some at the local Publix, but I doubted that much of it was caught in the area and truly fresh. That was our whole reason to go to the fish market. So we're having steak tonight (even though it's beef two nights in a row) and then fish the next couple of nights. I think we'll manage to not starve. Ha!

Sounds like lots of people had reactions to my story of the "Little Princess." She didn't seem to be a problem today, but later this evening, she was in the pool with her dad. She had on a snorkel and mask, and as her dad was putting her fins on, she was screaming through the snorkel like he was cutting off her feet. Ugh. But at least it was muted! He finally told her, "Shush, or I'll take it away from you." She shut up then. Like you all said, my intuition tells me that such behavior usually gets her what she wants. What a shame--she's in for a major shock in her life the first time that someone tells her to shut the hell up and quit being such a whiner! 

A guy on the beach today had a trick kite, and I thought it was so cool, so I took a picture. Ken has one but forgot to bring it! They really are fun, and with the brisk breeze coming off the ocean, they do really well.

Oh, and I'll be sure to read your entries when I get back, so don't think I'm ignoring you by not commenting on your entries. Just keeping the computer time limited--I'll have lots of time to read when we get back! 


deshelestraci said...

Sounds like a wonderful vaca!  Enjoy it for me!

rdautumnsage said...

Actually Dan said something about an explosion and a huge glitch with Blogger (for us that's Google Reader too)....anyhow getting on the computer has been a major pain all over. I think we're channeling one another sweetie...Seriously first it was the Odd books by Koontz, now it's Kites. I have Kites in my entry I posted earlier today, although yours is on a far cheerier note I might add. I'm relieved your waiting to read till you get worries, just want you to enjoy the "vegcation"..(Hugs) Indigo

madcobug said...

Sounds like a relaxing time. Yes, most of the time a whiner child is one who does it most to get their way. I bet that spewing sand is something to see. Those kits are very pretty. Helen

ziggy2315 said...

The B-52's are going to be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow (Tuesday).

eml625 said...

Do you tan? Or Burn? I wish I was away somewhere too !
Sounds like a great time Beth, enjoy

markonit said...

... sounds like you guys are enjoying a vacay that reminds me of another B 52's song ... "Good Stuff" ..!

... I love the B 52's ..!  The band and the ones like the Enola Gay ..!

shrbrisc said...

It looks fabulious there ... I am so glad you are having a great time ..