Wednesday, June 4, 2008


(That's an "I Love Lucy" reference.)

This morning, we made our annual trek to Turnbull Bay Golf Club, where Ken played a round of golf. I'll get to the point where I'm ready to play a round, but for now, I hit a few balls at the driving range, and then putted an additional ball where Ken's ball landed on the green. (I'm sure he wrote more details on his entry.) If Ken is a "tyrant with a nine iron," we've decided that I'm perhaps a "puppet with a putter." If y'all can come up with something better than "puppet," let me know, and HEY! Be nice!

I told Ken that I wouldn't put this picture of him up, because as he was driving, you can't see the club, and with where his hands are at, I said, "It looks like maybe you're doing Riverdance!" He cracked up, and said he was okay with me putting this up.

Here's me on the green, or as Ken and I decided, Turnbull definitely has whites rather than greens! It's a beautiful course, and I love seeing all the birds and wildlife (pictures to come later), but some greens were so sandy and dry that they were terrible to putt on. I'm sure that's a common problem here, and a perfectly maintained course would be difficult to maintain here. (I bet Tiger has a mighty nice one he plays over at Windermere.) Jimi W., do I look sufficiently golfy and junk?! Hee hee! As always, I loved driving the golf cart, and there are a few places at Turnbull where you go through lush Florida forest, and I just love it!

There were mockingbirds everywhere on the course! I love seeing them, because we don't have any at Nutwood. I wish we did, because they're just so perky and cute. I love how their tails stick up so high. We always laugh about how they're mocking us: "Mock mock mock." I think that originated when we were trying to get a picture of one of them in New Orleans, and as soon as we'd try to snap the picture, the mockingbird would fly somewhere else.

There was a Great Blue Heron hanging out in one of the little ponds, and he was just gorgeous. I managed to get a picture (although not a very good one) before he took off.

After our hot and humid outing at golf, we took a breather and cooled off on the balcony. Then we walked down the beach to downtown New Smyrna Beach and mostly window-shopped. My goal was to find a cheapo shell necklace--not sure why I wanted one, but I just did--and a pottery vase at the local shop in downtown NSB. I was successful in both endeavors, and our pottery vase (made right there in the shop) is just lovely. (A picture when we get back. It's all packed up now.) We really like giving the local shops and restaurants our business! After our brief shopping trip, we stopped at Breakers for a cool beverage or two, and were able to sit out on the balcony looking over the beach. What a great breeze! And a note to my pal Debbie: they no longer sell onion rings!! AGH! We were bummed. I'm not sure why they stopped, but we even asked our server, and asked if they sell them at dinner--no such luck. I was disappointed, because I was ready to enjoy a batch!

Our friend Lee is coming down from Jacksonville to visit tomorrow. Ken used to work with him and Lee moved down here a few years ago. He's come down to visit us here the last couple of years, and we'll all walk down to Breakers again tomorrow for lunch--Breakers' burgers, baby!

Almost time for our evening beach walk. Tonight's dinner will be scallops, one of our favorites!

Hope you are all well and happy!



carouselqueen70 said...

I am glad that you are having a good time. Enjoy your dinner, Christine

pepebuddy2 said...

Man, I can't believe they don't sell the onion rings anymore!!  But yes the hamburgers are delicious too!!  Sounds like your having a great vacation!!

mpnaz58 said...

You guys look very golf-ish in your attire!  I've even taken golf lessons, got a set of clubs (cuz I was gonna play, damnit!)...but no such luck in learning.  Perhaps one day when I've retired :)  Isn't the ocean so calming?  Something about the water, waves, sand, sun...ahhhh!
xoxo ~Myra

krmprm said...

Hi, y'all!  I have been gone to my daughters,
staying with the GS since they are out of school,
and I have to catch up on your vacation news.
Sounds great already, Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!  Pat

eml625 said...

You need to come to Long Island and golf here, Tiger Woods loves this golf course!!
Glad to hear your enjoying your time! I love hearing about your relaxing vacation.
Be well,

howiseeit101 said...

I play golf, and when asked, "what is your handicap?" I reply, "my putter!"  -Karen

frankandmary said...

I would have so photo shopped a tutu on your husband in that picture. ~Mary

shrbrisc said...

love the pictures

queeniemart said...

Hope you enjoyed the visit with your friend...i love tacky Florida magnets and Meg will get me the absolute most hideous ones and i love it! I proudly display them. I loved shopping at the local places when we were in Fl. too. You and Ken look natural in your golf pics.

lurkynat said...

that sounds so beautiful there with the birds and all!
I liked the part about you tow playing even though you both have different styles