Monday, June 9, 2008

A quickie

I see that I have several comments (thanks, everyone!) that I haven't received alerts for. I've also noticed that AOL is veeeeeryyy sllloooooowwww. Something's a little wonky, in case you're thinking it's your computer!


frankandmary said...

Alerts were down this morning.  I took that as a hint I should get a life :-), so I went to the beach.
<loves living in a beach town.

eml625 said...

I love a good quickie !!!
Yea, I think alerts are down .....I didnt get my comment alerts either.

I like Mary's comment , funny.

I'm all caught up on your entries now!
Later Chickie

lurkynat said...

thanks for the heads up! Beth!

aimer said...

I was starting to think it was my computer. I've been having the same problem, no alerts!--Sheria

howiseeit101 said...

I've been having trouble with the Alerts, too.  Glad you said something; I thought it was me.  -Karen   PS  Welcome home!

queeniemart said...

AOL can make a person think their imagining things....i hate it when the alerts act up or the PC is slow.

carouselqueen70 said...

So that is why my computer is moving slower than Malasses in, Christine

jmoqueen said...

AOHell is always slow for me ~ but thanks for the warning xx