Monday, June 9, 2008



Slick's battery is recharged (I'm glad I know how to do that now!) and my trip to the grocery store was successful. I did pretty good, considering that I was feeling kind of hungry--always a dangerous time to shop for food! I did indulge in a container of red raspberries--they were on sale, and they looked SO GOOD I couldn't pass them up. I'll have to figure out what I can make with them. I miss the days when Mom would go pick a bunch and we'd have gobs of them to eat. They're sure expensive to buy. Hmm, I might have to think about planting some...we've also talked about planting some blueberry bushes. The problem will be keeping the birds from eating all the berries. Does anyone know where I can get some giant hairnets to put over the bushes? (I'm kidding--they sell netting in garden supply catalogs.)

So I was shopping smart, and starting to plan some meals for the week, thinking about how I could make nachos tonight and quesadillas later in the week--I've got a major jones for Mexican food--using the tortillas that were on sale, the ground beef and turkey I've got in the freezer, I picked up sour cream and guacamole...then I remembered that Ken has a meeting tonight and will eat dinner there. DRAT! I'll have to wait till tomorrow. My mouth is watering just thinking about a big ol' plate of nachos with plenty of cheese and some refried beans on the side...YUM! I can wait one more day. <sigh>

I'll fix myself a different treat tonight. Pasta salad. I love the creamy ranch and bacon ones, but Ken doesn't like creamy pasta salad, so on this hot and humid day, that will be my dinner. I like both the Suddenly Salad and Kraft boxes--nothing fancy, but I think they're tasty. Oh hey! I've got some fake crab in the freezer, I can put that in there, too. YES!

Gee, can you tell I'm hungry?! Good grief. I'm actually looking forward to cooking again. While we were in Florida, I just did the salads and stuff like that--Ken did all the grilling. Now that he's gotten so good at it, I'm thinking that we might have to do more fish on the grill. We'll splurge once in a while on tuna steaks, because those were SO good on the grill. We should do some salmon steaks this summer, too--we've got some cedar planks in the cupboard for grilling, and that's a fun way to fix fish on the grill.

It's clouding up here again, but so far, no storms. My thoughts are with everyone affected by the terrible flooding, including my pals in central Indiana, and some fellow bloggers, like the two Dans in Wisconsin. I hope everyone is safe. We've already had a few deaths in the area, including a couple of folks delivering newspapers in Michigan--the road was weakened and collapsed, sending their car plummeting and resulting in their immediate death. Very sad. 




madcobug said...

You are even making me hungry LOL. My prayers are with all those people who are in that flooding and with the ones who lost family members and friends. Thanks for you prayers for Ken and me. We cerrtainly appreciate them.  Helen

jimsulliv3 said...

The last three journals that I visited today all talked about food and now I'M starving.


eml625 said...

I'm coming to dinner tomorrow night. I love mexican food !! YUMMY !
Hey, I bought an Eggplant yesterday, any good recipes? I sort of wanted to grill it, any ideas?

lurkynat said...

dear Beth,
nice entry. Thanks!

aimer said...

Dang, now you've made me hungry!

I've been watching the flooding on the news. I hope that there is some respite soon for everyone who is affected. --Sheria

queeniemart said...

Severe storms in the middle of the night last night here in Ohio.....torrential rains for hours....yet the grass is turning yellow....weird. I love it when you talk are a very interesting you watch Food shows? If so, which ones?

carouselqueen70 said...

I hate shopping when I am hungry> i buy all the junk food. lol I am alwasy hungry for Mexican food. I know what you mean about being hungry for a specific food and having to wait to eat it. I hate that!! I will pray for the people's family who had that accident. That is so horrible!!, Christine

jmoqueen said...

MMmmmmmmmm...........I'm coming to yours for food, sounds delicious what you've got in store and raspberries :p ----that's me licking my lips ;)  I much prefer raspberries to strawberries