Friday, June 13, 2008

Newshounds from Hell

Remember when Microsoft was trying to buy Yahoo, and they were calling it Microhoo? Didn't that sound kind of cute and Dr. Seussical? Well, the buyout failed, but Yahoo has now hired Google to help with some of their advertising sales. I see the possibility for two names there. The obvious choices are Yahoogle and Goohoo. Which do you prefer?

I've been feeling pretty mellow lately, but Fox News' latest is just so irritating I have to comment. Usually I find their stuff to be so obviously slanted that it's not worth paying attention to, but they're really acting like a bunch of A-holes now. The "terrorist fist jab" was ludicrous and laughable. I do that with my friends all the time. Ken and I do it all the time. I've done it with my stepson! We do NOT have a little terrorist cell going on here at Nutwood, believe me. By airing such a ridiculous comment, Fox News is simply showing their ignorance of widely accepted behaviors, not to mention a complete and utter lack of even one iota of hipness.

Which was proven further by calling Michelle Obama "Obama's Baby Mama."

Okay. First of all, "baby mama" is an urban slang term for the woman with whom a man has had a child out of wedlock. The Obamas were married in 1992, their first daughter was born in 1998, and their second daughter in 2001. There is no "baby mama" applicable here.

Secondly, I find it extremely disrespectful to both Barack and Michelle Obama. They have been married for 16 years, and to attempt to characterize them in such a way is false, misleading, and just plain nasty.

Thirdly, I also find it extremely disrespectful to their two young daughters. They are essentially saying that the little girls are bastards! (If you recall, the literal definition of bastard is a child born out of wedlock.) I think I'll start going around and saying that Fox News called two innocent little girls bastards! How d'ya like that, Fox News? Pick on somebody your own size.

Finally, I find it very irritating when someone makes an attempt to sound "cool" by using current parlance...but uses it completely incorrectly. If you're going to throw a phrase like that around, use it in the correct context, okay? Hmm, someone at Fox News was a little sloppy in their research, eh?

Ugh. I'm turning on CNN.



queeniemart said...

Other candidates have also had untruths said and written about them too.....i am sure we'll hear lots more garbage from the mainstream media before it is all over. HUGS

krmprm said...

Goohoo!  Now that is a hoot!  I see that you love name games, too.  
Except when they turn nasty, as in the political arena .  What has
happened to common courtesy these days?  We treat our leaders
as if they were objects of scorn and ridicule.  Do they not at least
deserve respect for their position and accomplishments?  Not to
mention the total disregard for family members and their feelings.
  Here's a list of things I rec'd yesterday to be sent to only my
smartest friends (sender's words) so you get one.  Tell me, if
possible, what the following words have in common (and it is'nt
that they all contain double letters--my answer.)
   1. banana     2. dresser     3. grammar     4. potato   5.  uneven
   6. assess
I will send the answer by e-mail and in my next comment.  It's cool.
Thanks for the comment on my poem.  Your descriptions are always
poetic.  Sorry this comment is so long.   Have a great day!    Pat

luvrte66 said...

I'm stumped, Pat!


mpnaz58 said...

CNN isn't much better...I am so sick of all the news programs.  In some ways they're all biased, and they ask some of the most ridiculous questions.  I didn't hear what you wrote about, but that is pretty lame!
xoxo ~Myra

frankandmary said...

I have to admit that while I have paid LOTS of attention to Barack, I really am not up on the talks/interviews given by Michelle.  But, for whatever reason(& no, I am not saying it is valid, since anyone I ask: WHY? can't seem to give me a good answer), no one I come in contact with likes her.  I find that very odd. I also hate to use the race card because I also hear lots of folks complaining about that coming up too much with them(I don't agree, by the way), but for whatever reason, I do not see them calling a white presidential candidate's wife Baby Mama.  ~Mary

ziggy2315 said...

Those words all have single letters followed by a palindrome so that if you move the first letter to the end, you get the word spelled backwards.

luvrte66 said...

Wow, Ziggy, I'm impressed--good on ya! That DOES work!


deshelestraci said...

Or better yet, turn the tv off!

buckoclown said...

So, not only is Fox News uncool, but they are grammatically incorrect.  It would actually have been more accurate to have been "Obama's Babies' Mama" :o)

fisherkristina said...

Wow, I usually like Fox News.  Who on there called Michelle "Obama's Baby Mama?"  I am curious.  Not cool at all.


aimer said...

Love your commentary on Fox News' baby mama faux pas. You sum up all the issues so very well. I had the same reaction that you did to the fist jab thing; I just figured that the entire Fox News staff were just out of the loop when it came to contemporary culture.--Sheria