Friday, June 27, 2008


This evening, I took a card and a letter out to the mailbox to be picked up tomorrow. As I was walking down the mossy path to the mailbox, there were fireflies lighting my way. As I look out now on the back yard, the fireflies are everywhere, and I love seeing their "sparklers" covering the lawn and horizon. When I walked out to the mailbox, it had just started to rain lightly, and the humidity was lifting as the rain came in. The raindrops felt cool and welcome, and the smell of the rain was heavenly. As I walked across the road to our mailbox, I saw a raccoon cross the road, followed by two young ones--all looked plump, and seemed to waddle rather than walk, but their plumpness could be due to their fur rather than fat. I know they're annoying and destructive, but aren't they the cutest little things? Especially the young ones.

Best of all? I only got one mosquito bite! Benadryl has been applied. 

After a phone chat with Ken tonight--I'm looking forward to his return tomorrow--and a nice big salad for dinner (I watched a couple of "I Love Lucy" episodes while I was eating), I've muted the TV and I'm just listening to the sound of the peeping frogs. The air has cooled off nicely, and it's very peaceful here. After a couple of late nights, I'm feeling pleasantly tired, and on nights like this, the sounds of Nutwood make for a soothing and easy trip to Snoozeville.

When I was working, no matter how stressful my day or how crazy day-to-day life got to be, this place always grounded me and reminded me of just how fortunate we are to have found our perfect spot, and to have found it together. I'll never forget pulling into the entrance, parking the car, getting out, and walking hand-in-hand down the driveway with its canopy of trees...and looking at each other and seeing in each other's eyes that this was where we were meant to be.

I'm not working now, and my stress is definitely lessened. But there are still the occasional causes of stress, and when those times come, I look around me, and I listen to the sounds that surround me. I'm amused by the two-toned squirrel, I watch the birds on the feeder, I marvel at the parched butterfly drinking from an orange. It's all very comforting, and it all serves to remind me that while we may encounter the stray irritant, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing, at the end of the day, Nutwood abides.



mpnaz58 said...

Nature is always grounding.  Makes us realize that in the big scheme of things, we are insignificant.  The earth will continue to turn, the seasons come and go, wildlife remains wild no matter if man tries to tame it, the wind still blows, and the sun will rise.  Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven :)
xoxo ~Myra

eml625 said...

Sounds so peaceful. I would love see some more picture of your place. Even what the house looks like. Could you email them to me?
Take care

chat2missie said...

I would love to hear all those sounds at night.  Enjoy your weekend.

krmprm said...

61 YEARS?  Wow, that is wonderful!
Pass these wishes on to your parents,  Beth.
Hope you have a great day and many
more years together.  Congratulations
on this most happy day!  God bless you.

markonit said...

... nice entry ... very good reading ... glad you write so well ... it makes the air I am breathing feel fresh ..!

deshelestraci said...

Ahhhh relaxing.

rdautumnsage said...

Beautiful serenity is what your description of Nutwood gives me a picture of. Sounds alot like my home here with Doc. I would love to be further in the countryside, but for now this place has it's own multitude of visitors. (hugs)Indigo

jmoqueen said...

Glad Ken is ok x  Sounds like a peaceful and lovely place where you live and I would love to see fireflies ~ I bet they are quite a sight :o)


queeniemart said...

I'm glad you are in a place that means so much and you love nature and can see God's beauty here on earth. Some don't. You write very well so it is easy to envision what you are seeing.