Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiger tamed...temporarily

Two days after winning the U.S. Open, Tiger Woods announced that he will miss the rest of the season due to recovery from pending surgery on his torn left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), as well as recuperation from two stress fractures in his left tibia.

Damn. The coming year won't be as much fun without watching Tiger.

But let's put this in perspective. He just won the U.S. Open. With a torn ACL. And two stress fractures. Jiminy Christmas.

As much as I'll hate not seeing him play for some time, let's hope he gets his knee and leg back to excellent health, and is able to play for many years to come.

Get well SOON, Tiger. Please.


mpnaz58 said...

His play is AMAZING!!  Don't ever count him out because he can always come back (and usually does) to kick some butt!  I'm sure the rest of the PGA is relieved he'll sit out the rest of the they have a chance of winning!  I was reading on that Goosen said he thought Tiger was "faking" the seriousness of his injury.  WTF!!  He's faking it and sitting out the rest of the season...I think not!
xoxo ~myra

deshelestraci said...

That had to hurt!

queeniemart said...

Sharon called today. She is furious. I tried to explain to her that Tiger needs to heal. She said her weekends are ruined. LOL     I hope he DOES heal quickly.

markonit said...

... okay ... one of the things about Tiger is how he intimidates others just by BEING THERE ... he has come from behind enough times to where it is pick yr poision ... you can get beat by seven strokes, or he can catch you from just as many strokes back ... I will give a nod to him ...