Monday, June 16, 2008

You da man!

Great googly-moogly!

What an Open!

First off, GREAT JOB Rocco Mediate! You seem like a class act, and you battled Tiger right down to the very end.

To summarize: at the end of the playoff, these two were STILL TIED. It went into sudden death, and Tiger didn't win it until Rocco missed his last putt. Un-freakin'-believable!

And no, LJ, I would never throw anything at you for rooting for the underdog! From all accounts, Rocco is a genuinely decent guy, and I really thought he was going to win it for a while there. Tiger was up by 3, but Rocco came back to force a sudden death. He also handled the loss with grace and good humor.

We got to see little Sam Woods, and she's a doll, almost 1 year old. When Tiger went to hand her back to her mom, Sam held out her arms to go back to Tiger. How damn cute was that? It was also neat to hear Tiger talk about how much this win meant to him (he said it was probably his best win) and about how he lost his Dad not too long ago...and now he's on the other side of the fence, and he can share the win with his daughter. Aww, man, it totally choked me up.

Good stuff.


queeniemart said...

my friend Sharon called me up and did a hour long play by play for me about Tiger's win. LOL  I thought of you. I did see Sam, what a dollbaby. I read that Tiger is in great pain....i hope he somehow heals quickly.

jmoqueen said...

I don't follow golf but for it to get that close must've been very exciting xx