Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little Red Doggy and his Little Blue Comb

As Ken was reading my previous entry, he asked, "So where IS Little Red Doggy?" I said, "He's in the basement!"

Well, obviously, I had to go retrieve him. I knew right where he was, and as I pulled him out of his little storage bin, I felt like I was seeing an old and beloved friend. I present to you...Little Red Doggy.

Feel free to laugh. Ken said that it's one of the strangest stuffed animals he's ever seen, and he got quite a laugh out of seeing him. I can't believe I never showed him Little Red Doggy before! As I was trying to take Little Red Doggy's picture, I had to laugh, too, because he really IS goofy-looking, isn't he?!

Cousin Doug gave him to me for Valentine's Day when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. Cousin Doug was kind of the big brother I never had, so I idolized him and I loved getting a present from him. I think Little Red Doggy might be a genuine antique. At one point, he had a shiny silver collar, but that came off over the years. He also came with a Little Blue Comb, and you could comb his hair and tail. After many years, the comb is lost, and his hair is way too matted to ever comb, anyway.

Ken doesn't really remember a favorite childhood toy, although he says he loved his Legos. Do you have a favorite toy or stuffed animal from your childhood? Do you still have it, or is it merely a fond memory? Tell me about it, and maybe it will help Little Red Doggy to not look so sad, knowing that he has some friends out there.

My cousins and I loved Legos, too, but they were extremely simple, not like they are now. We'd use a shoebox to make a little house furnished with Lego couches and chairs. I didn't have any Lincoln Logs, but some of my cousins did, and they also had Tinker Toys, which were fun, too. Cousin Greg (who ended up becoming a Marine) had an Easy-Bake Oven! I've mentioned my G.I. Joe before, and I also had a Spirograph and an Etch-a-Sketch. I had a Barbie, a Skipper, and a Dawn doll, but I don't recall being all that much into dolls. I had neighbor kids that I was friends with, and they had Creepy Crawlers. I know I'm biased, but it sure seems like our toys were a lot more fun than just playing video games! They were definitely low-tech, but it was fun to use our imaginations and build things and be a little creative.

Of course, Little Red Doggy is in a category all his own. He was my faithful companion for many years, and I was happy to see him again tonight and know that he's still with me.

I'd love to hear about your favorite childhood toys. Isn't it amazing how they linger with us?


queeniemart said...

Did Greg make any brownies or little cakes from the Easy Bake? Did you eat any? I love toys from the 70's. I always wanted a Green Machine. Do you remember that? It had things like sticks on the sides and you got in the seat and made it move by moving the long sticks. My mom promised me one and i never got it. We sell the exact thing but a 2008 version at WM but the highest weight is 180 lbs so i wouldn't fit in it or i would buy one! I loved Slinkies and found hundreds of hours of fun from that simple toy and as a mom and adult i have always bought it for nieces and nephews for Christmas and every single child would go and play with it on the stairs for an hour. Sometimes it is the simpliest things that make a kid happy. You can get a Slinkie for $2.
Little Red Doggy is adorable!

shrbrisc said...

sounds like you had a great weekend and what a great childhood toy ..

rdautumnsage said...

I had all those things growing up too. My life was truly serene and idyllic until we moved to Fla. when I was 9. As much as a tomboy I am, I used to have a huge collection of dolls. I never really played with them, just staged them elegantly all over my room. At night I would put them all in the closet. Those old dolls used to have those eyes that would reflect light, and I swear at night they would look demonized or posessed. One particular doll came from my grandfather (he wasn't really, he was one of my grandmother's earlier marriages). Grandpa Slim loved me and spoiled me rotten. I was the only kid who ever got anything from him. Whenever he would visit he would bring porcelien dolls for me. One of those dolls was an elaborate Wedding Doll. She always had a place on my bed. Sad to say all the dolls were lost on our move to Fla.

My daughter still has the stuffed giraffe I gave her when she was born. I even brought that thing with me when I went in to deliver her. I had tears in my eyes when I went to visit her after she moved out and saw the giraffe. I didn't even realize she still had it. (Hugs)Indigo

mereel2005 said...

First, thank you for stopping by and visitng my jounral. Hope to see you soon.
I wish I still had some of my childhood toys. Once my sister and I were teenagers, off to the Savlation Rmy they went.
But both my son and husband give me Teddy Beaars and other stuffed aninmals.

deshelestraci said...

Oh little red doggy is a sad sort of thing isn't he?  I still have at least one of my childhood toys!  Too funny.

carouselqueen70 said...

When I was real little, I had my Grover doll that I loved so much. I think I still have him packed away. He is missing lots of hair though. My youngest son carried around this catepillar stuffed animal. It is multicolored and very ugly but he loves this thing. It is bigger than he is. I think he will have it forever. ..Hugs, Christine

eml625 said...

I have Monkey. Yes, Monkey is his name. And he's about as homely looking as Little Red Doggy. I will have to find him and post a picture. He's the only thing I have left from when I was little.


krmprm said...

I LOVE LITTLE RED DOGGY!   I think he is simply adorable!  That's
the kind of pal you can tell all your troubles to and know he'll
always understand.  Some of those toys are actually valuable
again to collectors (like my son's Mr. Machine) but no one
can estimate their real value to a child.  It's a keeper!   Pat

jmoqueen said...

Little Red Doggy has a funny shaped head ;)  i have to admit I liked lego and also toy cars.  but I did play with dolls too lol.........I don't think I had a favourite but I still have the bear that was my first ever bear :o)