Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kid Rocks my world!

I ran a couple of errands this morning, the first to Staples to pick up some computer stationery and envelopes.

I love office supply stores! I'm actually quite proud of myself for not buying anything other than what I went there for. I don't know what my deal is, but I love all kinds of paper, pens, clips, folders. It's a sickness, but I've learned to control it. A while back, I was talking to my Dad, and I don't know how it came up, but he mentioned that he always thought he'd love to run an office supply store, because he loves office supplies so much. I started laughing, and said, "Well, apparently I come by it honestly!" When I was checking out, the clerk was so friendly and sweet, talking about how pretty she thought my paper was, and she could see putting a nice quote on there and framing it. She made me smile.

Next stop was the grocery store, where I got stuff for stir fry tonight (yum!). I didn't have quite as much luck here when it came to friendliness, though. An odd thing, because most of the people at our friendly neighborhood store are quite nice and pleasant to talk to. I had to stop at the customer service counter to pick up some film, and it was the same woman I talked to on Saturday. The film wasn't in then, and although I was being my nicest, she was not at all friendly. On Saturday, I chalked it up to someone just having a bad day. I discovered that wasn't the case when I talked to her today, because she was exactly the same way. She found my prints, and rang them up before asking me if I wanted to check out there.

Me: I have groceries to buy, can I pay for them up front?

She didn't say a word, voided the transaction, tore the slip off of the register, then picked up my prints and walked away. I realized she was heading for the door behind the counter, so I followed.

Her: What lane are you in?

Me: [pointing to my cart--not IN a lane, since I had to pick up the pictures] That's mine right there.

Her: I have to take it to them. [she walks away and waits for me to follow]

Me: Okay, thank you....

Her: [to the clerk in the checkout lane] These are hers.

I gave up at that point and let her surly ass walk away. Good heavens, is it really necessary to be that unpleasant? She must be a really miserable person. I noticed that she had a bright red eye, like she'd burst a blood vessel, so maybe that put her in a bad mood. Or maybe she burst a blood vessel BECAUSE she's so surly all the time! I felt like saying, "Sorry you have a bloody eye, lady, but do you have to be this surly?" This should be a lesson to all of us: excessive surliness can give you a ruptured blood vessel and a bloody eye! As Austin Powers would say, "Don't have a thrombo, baby!"

Happily, the lady behind the checkout lane was one of the really nice and happy ones, and she cleared my palate. So the day's final score was Really Nice Clerks 2, Surly Bloody-eyed Clerk 1. Really Nice Clerks win!

On the way home, I was playing the latest Kid Rock CD, "Rock and Roll Jesus." No surprise, because after Indigo tipped me off that the song "Amen" was from this CD, I got it right away, and it's about all I've listened to so far this (almost)summer. There is one song on there that I haven't tired of yet, "All Summer Long." (Ken's favorite is "New Orleans," and I love that one, too.) "All Summer Long" combines a couple of classic riffs, the ones from "Werewolves of London" and "Sweet Home Alabama," but the song is about being a Midwestern kid and the fun we had in the summers. While I wasn't a wild child like Kid apparently was, a lot of his sentiments are true, and when I hear this song and sing along, it reminds me fondly of growing up around here. I doubt that it's strictly a Midwestern thing, either. These words apply to anyone on the verge of adulthood and enjoying the hot summer days. First the lyrics, followed by the video. Oh, and Warning: Bikini-clad babes doing a little pole-dancing is in here. I guess this one is for the guys, but I love the song!

Oh, and before I forget...HI BOB! <sip>

"All Summer Long"

It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long
Caught somewhere between a boy and man
She was seventeen and she was far from in-between
It was summertime in Northern Michigan

Splashing through the sand bar
Talking by the campfire
It's the simple things in life, like when and where
We didn't have no internet
But man I never will forget
The way the moonlight shined upon her hair

And we were trying different things
We were smoking funny things
Making love out by the lake to our favorite song
Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking 'bout tomorrow
Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long

Catching Walleye from the dock
Watching the waves roll off the rocks
She'll forever hold a spot inside my soul
We'd blister in the sun
We couldn't wait for night to come
To hit that sand and play some rock and roll

Now nothing seems as strange as when the leaves began to change
Or how we thought those days would never end
Sometimes I'll hear that song and I'll start to sing along
And think man I'd love to see that girl again

[Repeat Chorus x2]

Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long
Singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long


shrbrisc said...

I love that song , thanks for sharing and I tell ya customer courtesy has went out the window ..

newsworthy822 said...

I like that Kid Rock song too.  We saw  Kid Rock last summer at Rock Fest.  I think we were the only sober ones there. LOL!! I tried to buy that song it on iTunes, but it wasn't there yet.  My daughter Hailey just got the new Weezer CD.  I don't know if you like Weezer or not, but it's really good!  I made her let me import it into iTUnes, since I bought it anyway... LOL
I can't stand rude clerks, either.  It makes me so mad.  I always try to be nice and pleasant with everyone I deal with, even if I'm having a bad day.  If they hate their jobs so much, maybe they shouldn't be in customer service!!


buckoclown said...

Hmm, is that picture from the Bar in Cleveland at the airport :o)

mpnaz58 said...

I hate bad customer service like that...really, there is no need to be bitchy...NONE!  Ok, we all have bad days, but I've never treated anyone like that.  I rather detach, but I'm not rude!  

deshelestraci said...

I did like the song.  I was hesitant at first.  Not a big Kid Rock fan.  I can relate to most of it!

queeniemart said...

Surly will always remind me of my trip to San Francisco and i was accused of it too. I hate it when those who work in the public take out their issues on nice customers. Meg likes office supply stores too.

jmoqueen said...

I love office stores too................I have so much stationary it's unbelieveable LOL....I'll never use it I shouldn't imagine yet here I am with it in my drawer!!  Glad the nice store clerks win.  Let that woman be miserable if that's the way she wants to be!!!  Your right though there's no need for it