Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nutwood on the news!

Whew, I've spent all afternoon catching up on journals--I think I'm all caught up!--and editing pictures. You can see them all at my public gallery, or you can click on the My Pictures link to the left. It took a while to edit them all, but it was also a lot of fun to go back and see all the pictures that I took. I still have a couple that I want to edit a bit. I love how you can "clean up" digital pictures by copying and pasting--I eliminated a couple of signs on the beach, a yard marker on the golf course, etc. It's fun! In the coming week, I have some power lines to eliminate in a picture. For some reason, it makes me feel sort of omnipotent to erase such things!

This is the vase I got at the pottery shop on Flagler Avenue in New Smyrna Beach. It's a lovely greenish-blue color, and although you really can't see it in this picture, it has a little turtle on the base. They make all of their stuff right there, and the workshop is an open space behind the counter--they really were back there messing with clay, "throwing" the pottery (isn't that the correct term for making pottery?), and it was all kind of messy and interesting-looking. They had some beautiful bowls and platters, and cute little brie-bakers, but I was happy with this vase. It was also quite reasonable, which is a definite requirement for me!

We've stopped in a couple of little art galleries there, too, and while I loved some of the paintings we saw, I have my limits on how much I'll pay for stuff. I'm not an art connoisseur by any means, and I tend to just say, "That's pretty, and it's not too expensive. I'll take it!" Maybe one of these years, we'll be down there for an art festival, and then I might consider getting a little painting or print.

We've gone into some of the little shops that sell "resort wear," but only once. When I looked at the price tags, I thought, "Are you kidding me?!" The prices are ridiculous. I'd prefer to spend our money on yummy fish! Pretty much the only attire we've bought down there is cheap T-shirts and board shorts on sale at some of the surf shops.

As always, I took more clothes than I wore, but not too bad. I only had a couple of shirts and couple of pairs of capris that I didn't wear. (I'm also weird about taking extra underwear--you just never know! I brought back about 4 pairs that I didn't wear.) Next year, I'll take maybe one pair of capris in case there's a cold snap, but it's generally way too warm for them. Sitting out at night in a big T-shirt is just fine by me!

Tomorrow I'll make a trip to the grocery store and start on the laundry.

Ken got the lawn mowed today before some nasty thunderstorms hit. It was serious enough that the tornado siren went off, but things seemed to kind of skip over Nutwood.

Even though we were a little worried about the severe weather coming through here, I was pretty excited to see "Nutwood" actually show up on what I like to call "Super Double Viper Doppler." Nutwood hasn't been a town since the early 1900's, but for some reason, it pops up on radar maps! Yes, Virginia, there IS a Nutwood!

Screw the tornado siren going off, I had to get a picture of Nutwood showing up on TV! Never fear--Sheeba had already run down to the basement because he's scared of thunder, and I told Ken that if I came running into the bathroom while he was showering and said, "We need to get down to the basement NOW," I wouldn't be joking. Luckily, it never came to that!

I'll start dinner here in a moment, but in the meantime, we're watching "Million Dollar Password." Does anyone remember "Password" with Allen Ludden?! Oh, I just loved that game show, and while I'm not a big fan of prime time game shows, this one is actually pretty fun! I used to have a Password board game, and watching this makes me want to see if there's a computer game out there.




pchilcoat1 said...

Sounds like you found some bargains along the way, thunderstorms and Twisters, storms all around. watching my hometown Celtics vs LA have a great evening.


buckoclown said...

Have to say, the vase makes me think of a specific episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" when his mom was into pottery for a brief time - she got a visit from the nuns based on the perceived theme....   :o)

mpnaz58 said...

I remember mom loved that show, and if mom loved it, everyone watched!  We watched the premiere last week, and it was entertaining!
I tend to take too much clothes too...ya' never know!  
xoxo ~myra

rdautumnsage said...

I'm a huge fan of pottery. The more unusual in texture and design the more likely I'll have it. There is a small shop in Owego (NY) that caters to artist (jewelry, pottery, even hand made cards). I usually always visit and pick up a mug once a year. This year I brought 2 they stand the test of time and I support a dying art. Unfortunately just before I sat down to journals I was doing dishes...yep you guessed it one of the mugs went crashing into the sink. I'll use it for pens on my desk (It's that nice)...

Your a nut, you have tornado warnings and your taking a picture of the tv?....We had some pretty nasty storms come through here earlier. I've been playing with my digital, notice all the photos lately (winks)...When I find a few minutes I'll wander over and check out the gallery hon. (Hugs) Indigo

rdautumnsage said...

P.S. Loved the vase! Indy

madcobug said...

Love the vase. Those were great pics. my fav one was the sunrise or sunset behind those palm trees. Thanks for sharing. Helen

jimsulliv3 said...

Yea Nutwood ! I used to watch the old password and I liked it. I liked the "takes" of Luden.


eml625 said...

Your a posting maniac today !!! LOL (and I say that with love! :  )
Wow. I came home from work and you have been busy !!
I loved all the pictures from your trip. And the vase is gorgeous. I love the color especially.
Off to read some more!


queeniemart said...

How did Rosie do on Regis's Password? For whatever reason, it did not tape on my DVR and i missed it and i am so mad about it. That vase is REALLY interesting looking, very different.