Sunday, June 1, 2008

Personally, I LIKE naps!

We had a hard time getting a network today, but were able to do so tonight.

That's okay--after sleeping in, we spent most of the day reading on the balcony. I finished the latest Odd Thomas book, and Ken finished the latest other Dean Koontz book, and I've started and made much progress in a Jonathan Kellerman Alex Delaware novel. I'm reading more voraciously than I have in many months!

Our timeshare is a family place, and that is sometimes a mixed blessing. The big drama today was a little girl, maybe 5 years old, who was adamant about not wanting to take a nap. I'll put it in her words:


Repeat several times, with lots of screaming, and you'll get the idea. The mom left and went to their room...the dad actually apologized to everyone at the pool. I felt bad for them, but I have to wonder why this little girl felt it was okay to behave that way--it must have worked in the past. Even after they got her into their room, we could still hear her screaming about her reluctance to lay down and get a little shuteye. If anyone needed to take a nap, I'd say it was that little girl!

Ken took a run on the beach this morning, and made some great ribs on the grill tonight. We both spent a little time out by the pool and got a bit o' sun. Tomorrow morning, we'll take our big beach towel down to the beach and enjoy the morning. It can get a little crowded on the beach on the weekends, so I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet this week. That's assuming that Little Princess gets her nap!


madcobug said...

Maybe she will nap while you are on the beach so everyting will be peaceful or if she starts in again today escape to the beach. Helen

eml625 said...

I would have said, if mommy says your napping then your
I'm glad your getting some reading time in. sounds like a nice relaxing time so far.
Minus the nap drama.

shrbrisc said...

OH girl don't get me started on children and parenting today's world is so different than when we were growing up and they wonder why there is more problems lol
have a great vacation ....

mpnaz58 said...

She gets away with it at home, the tantrum throwing, so she doesn't know better.  The parents should have nipped that behavior in the bud about 4 years ago!!  Glad you are relaxing, in spite of noisy children.  Whenever we are anywhere, and kids act like that, we usually ask to be seated elsewhere whenever possible.  
xoxo ~Myra

ziggy2315 said...

Oh I love the comments today. My sentiments exactly. That behaviour needed to be  nipped in the bud four years ago is right. Kids do need some tiny bit of control in their life, but not with all the theatrics that went with this one not wanting to have a nap. Drama aside, your holiday sounds absolutely wonderful. I feel very relaxed just reading about it.

lucille4364 said...

That little girl needed to know what her parents meant when they said time for a nap, she should have uinderstood ot was TIME FOR A NAP. I raised 5 children  and babysat for 7 years for infant to 4 yrs.  When I said nap time ion a cheerful voice, they all trooped off to their respective areas.  Children needs taugtht from early on that tantrums, screaming nor anything is not acceptable.  Lucille4364

frankandmary said...

I know some hot headed little diva girls who do not take direction well, but I've also met plenty of adults who refuse to go to bed at a decent hour but yet constantly complain they are tired or cannot get their work done properly. I like the adults like that less. ~Mary

markonit said...

... that IS some reading you guys are doing ..!  I have my glasses, and I will start making up for lost time shortly ..!

... enjoy yourselves ..!

rdautumnsage said...

I'm slowly plugging along with the reading...I'm a mite distracted these days so my mind won't stay with the words in front of me. As for the temperamental little girl, that is entirely the parents fault. A kids behavior outside the home is the first clue to how they behave in the home. Glad to hear you guys are relaxing and getting some sun and beach in. (Hugs) Indigo

carouselqueen70 said...

that girl sounds like my formal roommates kids.. I hope you enjoy your quiet reading, Christine

queeniemart said...

i just got Koontz's newest book at the library yesterday.
Grilling sounds delicious to me. Enjoy your vacation!

pchilcoat1 said...

Glad you and Ken had such a great time. Bye the way Ken's Jaws IV was great so in honor of that event I played his request.

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