Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're heee-eere!

Greetings from Florida!!!

Thank you, we'll be here all week, be sure to tip your servers!

Things went without a hitch until we got to Cleveland and found out that our flight to Orlando was delayed by about 50 minutes. It was okay, we got a chance to stop in a Cleveland airport Max & Erma's for a cool beverage, where we encountered an amazingly surly waitress! Traffic out of the Orlando airport was just crazy, worse than we've ever seen, and I said that I couldn't believe that it could be due to the shuttle launch...that has to be fairly routine around here. I forgot how many tourists come through here, like the guy from England that we talked to while we watched. I also realize now that it's still a very big deal even to those who live around here.

So we were on I-95, about 10 minutes before the launch. The sky was a gorgeous blue, with a few clouds here and there. People started pulling off the highway, and that's when I realized what a big deal this is here, no matter if you're local or traveling from afar. Cars pulled off of the highway and parked, and it was almost like a fireworks display! (As I said to Ken afterwards, "That's the biggest firework I've ever seen!")

I got video of this, too, but I'll probably wait until we get back to put it up (maybe not, though, because I have successfully connected to a network here). I have to say that it was incredibly awesome. The launch was successful, thank goodness, and I had no idea how cool it would be to see it go up. WOW!

It was incredibly bright, much more so than these pictures convey. I can only wonder what it would look like at night! Although we weren't able to get to the beach in time to see it, we still got a great view from the highway (actually, we were closer than we would have been here at New Smyrna), and I'm so pleased that we got to see this launch!

It feels great to be back here! When we got in, it was in the low 90's, with a brisk breeze off the ocean. We're in one of our favorite units, right near the end and looking out at the ocean. After a trip to the grocery store, we went to PJ's, which is one of those funky restaurants with stuff hanging from the ceiling, etc. (The tube with fish swimming in it is especially cool.) I got my fix of crab legs, and I'm stuffed to the gills. HA! Get it? GILLS! Sometimes I slay me.

So the fridge is stocked, and I suspect that tomorrow, we'll be hanging out on the balcony and finishing our books (we started them yesterday--quick Dean Koontz reads!) and then heading down to the beach.

Things are looking good here at our timeshare, and I promise to take some pictures. We've got some new end tables and lamps, and they seem to be maintaining the place very well. We have some questions for them about trading weeks and stuff, and we have a week in Cancun that we can still use--we're thinking about doing that soon--so we should try to meet up with someone this week and talk about all that.

Okay, I need to end this. I woke up at 5:30 this morning (my alarm was set for 7:30) and wasn't able to go back to sleep. I think every single bird in North America congregated in our front yard this morning! I dozed on the plane, but I'm basically wiped at the moment!

Great to know that I can nab a network here--more soon!


specialadyfink said...

Wow-so glad yougot there safe and you got to see the shuttle take off.
That had to be way cool.
Don't care for crab legs but eat some shrimp for me,LOL
Have fun....Stay cool...

madcobug said...

I was wondering yesterday if you all got there in time to see it go off. Good pictures. Have a fun week. Helen

eml625 said...

How freakin cool is that !!!!
Have a great time. I wish I was there too !

pchilcoat1 said...

Ahhh The Cleveland Airport, a real pleasure dome LMAO. Glad to see you guys made it safe and sound. Enjoy the weather, I'll just count up rains clouds....1, 2, 3.

Have a great time

Chili Sauce

rdautumnsage said...

I'm delighted to know it's still a big thing in Fla. to see the shuttle launch. I know when I went to school there they would round all the kids up outside to watch for it. Sounds like your already letting your surroundings sink in and taking full advantage of the beautiful area.

I've been reading Kootz Odd series for a little over a week now myself (How odd is that - winks)...Enjoy the ocean and warm beautiful weather hon, I'm delighted you have connection, but you can catch up on us anytime. (Hugs) Indigo

markonit said...

... which Dean Koontz titles are y'all reading ..?  I have tried a couple back in the long ago ... 'Intensity' comes to mind ... I am not at all sure that I liked it though ... could be talked into trying him again ..!

carouselqueen70 said...

I have read Dean Koontz's book called Lightning. I liked it and I might sit down and read naother one sometime. I am glad that you are enjoying yourself. Thank you for sharing the pics of the launch.Stay, Christine

shrbrisc said...

have a great vacation

shrbrisc said...

sounds like you are having a wonderful time

lurkynat said...

hi! thanks for visiting my journal!
Sounds like you've had a very busy trip! nice entry!

queeniemart said...

I bought a Koontz paperback today "Shadow Fires". I am glad you made it safely and are enjoying yourselves. I know seeing that shuttle was a once in a lifetime experience.

cayasm said...

Glad you both arrived safely and look forward to hearing more about your trip.


deshelestraci said...

Excellent that you got to see a shuttle launch!  It is a big deal!

jmoqueen said...

Glad your having a good time and managed to see the shuttle launch :o)