Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The latest

Not a lot to report, other than we've been watching election results, and wow, Indiana is just crazy!
I'm not speaking literally, of course. Just a little crazy, as in kinda wacky. Know what I mean? Really...we're not all crazy!
It was looking like a done deal for Senator Clinton in Indiana, but Lake County is just starting to report--that's the county that's right up near Chicago, and the county that contains Gary, Indiana. CNN was smart to not declare Indiana for Clinton early on, because I knew Lake County would be a very big deal. As of midnight, that county was leaning 75% for Obama and 25% for Clinton, with about 28% of the precincts reporting. If you look at the map of Indiana, it looks to be overwhelmingly in Clinton's favor as far as number of counties won. However, Indiana is a strange brew: we are mostly rural, but we have a few pockets of larger, more urban areas such as Indianapolis. Marion County (where Indy is) went big time for Obama. We also have several large colleges, and Monroe County, home of Indiana University, also went big for Obama. I'm happy to report that my county, St. Joseph, also was a win for Obama, as well as our neighbor county, Elkhart.
With Lake County just starting to report, Clinton is leading Obama by about 51% to 49%. As Lake County continues to report, it might be a very close race indeed.

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