Thursday, May 29, 2008

Out to launch


I had an email from Ken already this morning. He heard at work that the space shuttle is scheduled to launch on Saturday.


He asked if I could check and see what time it's supposed to launch, so I went to (which is a really cool site, by the way--they have some pictures taken by the Mars Lander), and it's scheduled to launch at 5:02 PM EST.


Why do we care, you ask? Well, Cape Canaveral is just south of New Smyrna Beach--it takes maybe a half an hour to 45 minutes to drive there--and we can see launches while standing on the beach outside the timeshare! We were down there one year when they launched a satellite, and that was really neat and exciting. There were updates over the P.A. system by the pool, and they did a countdown and everything. So that was neat enough--to see the shuttle go up would be awesome!

I checked our flight times, and we're supposed to get to Orlando at 1439 (sorry, I'm reverting to military time), which means that we should be on the road by 1530, and it'll take about an hour to get to the yeah, we might get there in time to see it. My mind is racing right now.

Like I wasn't already excited enough--this just adds (rocket) fuel to the fire!


pepebuddy2 said...

One year when we took my nephew with us we went on a boat at the little marina before you go over the bridge (I think it was a dolphin boat) and they take you via the water as close as NASA will let you get on the water to see a shuttle launch and it was soooo COOL!!!  You may want to check into that.   One year Danny used his dad's fishing boat and we did the same thing

pepebuddy2 said...

I just looked it up and it was 'The Manatee' cruise boat...not dolphin...

markonit said...

... talk about envious ..!  Enjoy yourself, esp. if you get to see the launch ..!

carouselqueen70 said...

I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. I would love to see a space shuttle take off. I bet you can hear that for miles and miles. Have a safe trip. ... your friend, Christine

jimsulliv3 said...

Just sit by the pool and when "they" launch, you launch too. It gives you a much better insight with alcohol.