Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Indiana May Packer


Within a week, you can find us sitting on that porch area, overlooking the beach and feeling the breeze! And quite possibly, enjoying a cool beverage! That's Breakers, by the way, just down the beach from our timeshare, and a visit to New Smyrna Beach means a walk down the beach and a burger at Breakers.

I'm mostly packed for our trip, and I'm glad I did that, because now I'm getting really excited about it. It was fun to pull out some shorts and skorts and some of the cute little tank tops that I haven't had a chance to wear yet because it's been so FREAKIN' COLD! At least for this time of year. Criminy! It's been a very pretty day here, with plenty of sunshine, but it's still chilly enough that the furnace came on a few moments ago (I quickly shut it off). I can't begin to tell you how good 90° sounds right about now, with the sun beating down on me until I'm panting like a dog. When that happens, you just go hop in the ocean!

I probably packed too much, as always. I actually put a couple of things back, but then I pulled out a couple more things. I think we'll be able to fit everything into the large hard-sided suitcase, though (Ken is the master packer), and then we'll have a small carry-on, too. Last year when we took the kids to the timeshare for a week, and then went on the cruise for a week, oh my God, I think we had like 8 suitcases! It was insane. That wasn't easy to pack for, though, because Florida was a very casual week, and the cruise was dressier. At the end of the first week, we essentially had to repack everything in preparation for the second week, because we didn't take every suitcase on the cruise.

Anyhoo, it should be a little easier this year as far as the packing!

I'm a board short kinda gal, so I pulled out all my cute board shorts and the swimsuit tops to go with them...I can hardly wait to hit the beach! Oo, that reminds me, I need to get the beach towels out of the closet....

Hey, I found some clip-on sunglasses today, and they really aren't dorky at all! They fit my new glasses almost perfectly, and they're really easy to pop on. I did NOT get the ones that flip up, by the way! Although I got transition lenses, they don't turn dark in the car, so I really needed to get something for driving on those really bright days. I can't believe how sensitive to light my eyes are. Am I part vampire or something?! In Florida, I wear my contact lenses during the day--I'd rather lose a pair of sunglasses in the ocean than lose my real glasses. I can wear some nice dark sunglasses and not worry about frying my eyes. "My eyes! MY EYES!" (Scream it like you're in a horror movie and you just got a fork or something in the eye. It's funny!)

Talked to my folks today, and they're doing just dandy. Last Saturday, Ken and I went down to see them, and we took them the split rail fence that Ken took out of our front yard, out by the road. I guess Dad wasn't too thrilled about putting that up, but Mom wanted it...however, he said that they put it up the very next day, and he thinks it looks pretty good! Both he and Mom sounded very pleased with it, and I'm glad that we were able to "recycle" the fence. Dad said he dug all the post holes, and Mom planted some bushes and flowers and stuff. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that Mom and Dad are 79 and 84 respectively. They're such a trip, and they're two of the best people I know.


rdautumnsage said...

I take it the week your gone is going to be no computer taking a break from the rest of us geeks week? I miss Fla. I haven't been back there since I was 22, wow over 20 years. I wanted to visit the beach and hear the ocean one last time before I went deaf, unfortunately my deafness decided it wasn't waiting around for me. I imagine one of these days I would still like to, I could hear it in a whole new level from the vibrations of the surf hitting the shore of the beach. (Hugs) Indigo

luvrte66 said...

Indy writes, "I take it the week your gone is going to be no computer taking a break from the rest of us geeks week?"

You're not off the hook that easily! Bwah ha ha hahhh! I checked with our "contact" at the timeshare, Lori, and she says that wireless is available in the pool area and the meeting room area. We will be close enough to the pool that I suspect I'll be able to get the network from our condo. I want to put up some pictures and videos while we're there, but it's a safe bet that I won't be posting quite as OFTEN as I normally do, so it will be a little break for you all!


pepebuddy2 said...

Love the Breaker's ONION RINGS!!!  Have a good time...wish I were going there!!

buckoclown said...

In a deep scratchy voice - ABBBSOLUUTELLLLYYYY we will be having a cool beverage :o)

This is a family friendly journal, so no comments about vampires....

Lastely, yeah, only two postings a day :o)

mpnaz58 said...

We are so fortunate that we can still enjoy our parents.  My manager at work just lost his dad this past weekend, so he's been in Chicago for the services.  I've talked to him a couple of times and he sounds beat.  When my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I mentioned it to my manager, he said his dad had the same ailment.  Kinda hit me in the gut on Tuesday when I got back and read that his dad had passed.
I'm sure you'll have a grand time in exciting!  
xoxo ~Myra

eml625 said...

Your trip sounds great, I wish I were going too !!
Your truly fortunate to still have your parents, I miss mine so much,  they both passed away : (
I have only been to florida one time ( I think i told you that). But would love to go back.
Take Care

queeniemart said...

Glad to hear your parents are doing well.....that restaurant looks Destin we ate at a nice one right on the beach called The Back Porch. Rick got this sampler plate that was $50+ and it had every seafood on it you can imagine just caught in the Gulf of Mexico. My son got a hamburger there! We just LOL....all the way to FL and he gets a burger. XO