Friday, May 30, 2008

America, you have spoken

Well, not quite a dozen of you, anyway. By an overwhelming margin of 81% to 18%, you all voted for me to maintain my grub worm status. Thanks to you, I will be dazzling the New Smyrna natives with my blindingly white legs! Actually, I'm glad you all voted that way, because I didn't feel like going to the store today and then trying the tanning thing again. I wish I could remember what I used before--I think it was either L'Oreal or Neutrogena--because it didn't have a strong chemical odor like this Coppertone stuff did. All self-tanning lotions are not created equal, believe me! So I'll have to get my semi-tan the old-fashioned way: baking in the sun like a pig on a spit. Don't worry, I always wear sunscreen, including on my ears and my scalp where my bangs start. I do NOT like to get burned!

In the past couple of hours, it has gotten incredibly humid. I took out the garbage and it felt quite muggy. I suspect we're going to pop some storms here this afternoon, which is too bad because Ken wanted to get the lawn mowed before we left. I've been doing some last-minute things like a load of laundry, cleaning Sheeba's litterbox, etc., and I'll get the kitchen all cleaned up next. Are you like me in wanting to come home to a clean house?

Ayyyyy! I learned a new phrase last night. Apparently this has been around for a while, but I'd never heard it before. It seems especially appropriate, because there have been rare shark attacks at New Smyrna Beach! The phase is jumping the shark. It originally meant a TV show that uses some time of preposterous stunt, such as the "Happy Days" episode that had Fonzie in his leather jacket jumping over a shark while water-skiing, to attract more viewers, but merely illustrates that the show has passed its peak. It eventually expanded to include most entertainment, whether movie franchises or book series, and it seems that "jumping the shark" indicates a sense of obsolescence. If someone tells you that you've jumped the shark, you're a has-been, my friend!

I love these phrases that can be traced back to pop culture references, especially such a specific one as Fonzie jumping a shark! Word and phrase origins have always fascinated me, and I find ones such as this a lot of fun. It shows how pervasive pop culture is, and how certain phrases can enter the mainstream. (One of my personal favorites is a response to someone making the mistake of telling me I need to learn my place: "Nobody puts baby in a corner.")

How about paraphrasing the old Irish blessing? "May the road rise up to meet you, and may you ne'er jump the shark."


carouselqueen70 said...

I am not much into the sun. My family has all gotten skin cancer at one point of thier lives so I guess I try to stay covered. Not to mention, I really need to lose weight and the less showing the better. lol Enjoy your vacation. I have never heard of the phrase "jumping the shark" It was very interesting. It is weird where prases like that come from. I guess I will finally leave for my walk., Christine

specialadyfink said...

I don't  care if someone wants to call me a has-been,seeing as how I never was,LOL.

queeniemart said...

well, gee, i think you and i are two peas in a pod and like the same things most of the time. I loved Fonzie....Henry Winkler has been to my city alot with zero publicity to help at risk youth. What a GREAT person.
I went to Destin in 2000 and have pics that show the sun poisoning i got from that hot hot sun. I was so sick!

mpnaz58 said...

I always clean before we leave, and I unpack and start laundry the minute we get back.  Dunno...I just feel better knowing everything is done!  Let me know what you finally find to self tan that doesn't STINK!  I'd love to try it.  I was in a meeting once, and someone came in and said, "who's wearing suntan lotion?"  I didn't dare say "I".  
Have a great time!
xoxo ~Myra

lurkynat said...

your sense of hunor dazzles me! thanks! hugs,natalie