Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rice Rationing? Wha--?

Pretty soon, I'm going to start cooking dinner. (We're late eaters, have I mentioned that? Usually 8 or 9 PM.) Last night, I made Chicken Creole--nothing complicated, just a Zatarain's with chicken--and it was quite tasty. I had quite a bit of chicken left, so I decided to make stir fry tonight, and I got some pea pods and mushrooms at the store today.

I'm going to try the sticky rice recipe and see how it works. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because it tastes so much better to have that sticky rice with stir fry!

I had been buying some rice and stocking up on it before this whole alleged "rice shortage" hit. The press was talking about how stores were restricting rice purchases, and some even used the word "rationing." I believe this was sensationalistic journalism, and it turns out that they were restricting restaurants from buying too many of the huge 20-pound bags.

I was stocking up merely because rice is a nice staple, and I use it a lot in various dishes, from Asian to Mexican to American recipes. It's reasonably priced, and goes a long way. After I started buying white and brown rice on sale, I heard about a "shortage" and about rationing! The price has definitely gone up. 

I think it's all overstated, at least here in the U.S. What concerns me is the number of poor nations that rely on rice as a food staple. I hope this rice hysteria won't adversely affect them.



slapinions said...

I do think it was sensationalistic (sp?) journalism, but I think we need to re-examine our farm production. In a world where a lot of countries are starving I don't feel guilty for having an abundance of food to feed my family. I do however think it's shameful to be shoving acres of corn into our gas tanks (10% ethanol gas is sold here in WI) and paying farmers to NOT plant certain crops when that food could be used to save a life elsewhere. And don't even get me started on the obsession with carving up farmland for McMansions.


cayasm said...

After what has happened in Burma as highlighted on UK news tonight, there main staple there is rice, and there is a food shortage with so many people losing thier homes, it was reported ther is literally only a few days food supply until aid gets there. I tend to eat a lot of rice, and noticed last week that there semed to be less on the shelves so like you I stocked up. Our big supermarkets made billions last year and yet stil food has gone up over 4%, when I did my shop last week bearing in mind I only shop for one my bill came to £52($104) compared to a similar bill only a week before of £43 ($86) for basically the same items.

Take care


shrbrisc said...

The way things are going we are going to rationing alot of things real soon

eml625 said...

This is scary. I remember when sugar prices went sky high in the 70's. And the gas shortage in the 70's.....history repeating itself.


rdautumnsage said...

Doc and I eat a lot of rice too. We bought a huge bag the last time we went grocery shopping. I do know the price of rice is suppose to jump almost 70%. I find the whole concept rather frightening. Rice has been a cheap staple for years to fill meals for those who couldn't afford a lot. (Hugs) Indigo

carouselqueen70 said...

I havent eaten sticky rice in forever. I love eating that. I have heard alot of things about the rice shortage. We are not big rice eaters at our house but i think that I should stock up anyways. .....Christine

mpnaz58 said...

Rice of all things...being rationed!!  I'm sure it is journalism at its best...NOT!  Half the things reported by the press are MADE into stories because no one else would have paid attention!
xoxo ~Myra

queeniemart said...

the one thing that is flying off the shelves at my job here in Ohio and we do not know why is sugar. EVERY single night for weeks they buy every single bag of sugar and we can not keep it in stock. I find that strange.