Saturday, May 17, 2008

Country roads, take me home


What a pleasant afternoon!

We drove down to my parents' place (we have Nutwood Junction--they have Still Oaks) to take them a split rail fence Ken removed from our yard, and just to visit. Mom fed us, of course, then we had a nice chat. Mom took me around the yard and showed me her flowers (I wish I'd inherited her green thumb!) while Dad and Ken walked around their property. Since they have 15 acres, it took them a while! Mom and I sat on the porch in the rocking chairs and enjoyed the beautiful day as we chatted.

Every time I visit my parents, I come away feeling...well, I guess enriched is the word. They are such wonderful people, and I think everyone they know walks away feeling better after an encounter with them. Maybe a better word would be blessed.

We decided to take a different way home, so we drove the back roads. We couldn't find the road we wanted to find, State Road 23, but we just kept heading north and east and knew we'd get to our house eventually! It was fun to drive through the Indiana farmland, and we have some gorgeous land around here. Not just for farming, but there are also plenty of woodlands, and all the trees are getting so nice and green. We came across a neat old brick building and I wish I knew what it was! It looked like a one-room schoolhouse, but all it said on the front was Polk Township No. 8 (I think that's the number) 1885. I said, "Honey, that was built only 20 years after the Civil War ended!" It was cool. We didn't walk inside, because it looked quite dangerous (part of the roof was getting ready to fall off), but the windows were gone so we could get a good look inside. Lesson learned: always take my camera along, because you never know what you're going to stumble across. Ken got a picture with his cell phone and you can see it on his journal.

Hard to believe how this afternoon flew by. There aren't as many things as pleasant as sitting in a rocking chair on the porch on a sunny spring day, and it's even better when you can enjoy it with loved ones. I hope your day was as pleasant, no matter where you might be!


specialadyfink said...

Had to bop over to see the building.I just love old places like that.I took some pics of run down places-must remember to find time to post them.Enjoy your weekend

jjdolfin9 said...

What a nice day you had.  You are so lucky to have your parents.  Cherish every minute with them while you can.
Hugs, Joyce

queeniemart said...

So glad you got some quality time with your parents!

jmoqueen said...

Mmmm..........sounds very good sitting on the rocking chair on the porch :o)  Wish I could do that lol