Saturday, May 3, 2008

Throwing in the towel

I watched the Kentucky Derby today, and after the horrible outcome with Barbaro--Ken and I were watching when that happened--and after today's runner-up was injured and had to be euthanized on the track, I think I can officially say that I am done with watching horse racing. I love the excitement of the race, and I love seeing the beauty of the horses--they are magnificent animals. But I just can't bear seeing them be so severely injured that they have to be killed right then and there. Just can't do it any more, nope, I'm done.


madcobug said...

I didn't watch this race and I am glad that I didn't. I just saw some pictures on AOL news. That was a bad thing to happen. Helen

buckoclown said...

Sad thing is that the race was over, the poor filly broke both ankles during the pull-up from the race.  What a tragedy.

krmprm said...

Such a tragic ending for a great race.  I haven't been
to the Derby, but my children have.  I have been to the
races in Lexington and watched polo at the Horse Park.
I could really get into that.  Such a festive atmosphere.
The horses are incredibly beautiful.  I guess every
sporting events has its risks but that was a sad ending
for the only female entry.  Have a great day,  Pat