Friday, May 2, 2008



I can't say I got a huge amount of stuff done today, but I got busy and cleaned the bathroom! I wouldn't say that it was disgusting or anything, mostly dusty, and we have a lot of iron in our well water, so our bathtub and shower gets a lovely orange tint to it after a while. I'd just been putting it off for a while. I finally buckled down and got to it. I don't feel overly guilty about putting it off. I mean, really, who loves cleaning the bathroom?!

I did my mile on the treadmill, too. It seems that I'm getting into the habit, which is exactly what I needed to do. I remember Ken telling me that once I got going on it, it would start to feel weird if I missed a day. I'm starting to see what he was talking about!

It's been stormy off and on today. This morning, there was a flash of lightning and a HUGE crack of thunder right on its heels, so I shut down the computer pronto! It cleared up, then it rained again, then it cleared up, and now it looks like another wave is moving in. Poor Sheeba has spent most of the day in the basement--he gets scared of the thunder, and slinks off as soon as he hears a rumble. Wow, poor Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas--they really got clobbered with storms and tornados. I believe I have a reader or two in those areas, so I hope you and yours are all safe and sound.

The rainy day seemed to really bring out the birds. The orioles were hanging out all day, I saw the hummingbirds several times, and I was happy to see our Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks back! I saw 2 pairs. I didn't get any good pictures today, but here's one from last year.


The males are very striking with their white breasts and scarlet bibs! The females are tan and brown. What's up with that?

I just got off the phone with my Mom. Her and Dad are doing well, and they've been working out in the yard this week. Mom and I talked a little bit about voting this Tuesday, and I'm glad we did, because she didn't understand about how our primary works. I said, "I didn't at first, either, because I don't think I've ever voted in a primary before!" Our primary occurs so late that the nominee usually has been a foregone conclusion. Not this year! I don't know if other states are similar, but in the primary, you have to ask for either a Democratic or Republican ballot. You can't vote a split ticket in the primary. When it comes to the general election, you can vote a split ticket if you want, but in the primary it's either/or. I think Mom wants to vote for Obama in the primary, so I told her that when she goes in on Tuesday, to be sure to ask for a Democratic ballot. I'm glad I talked with her about that, because she also wants to vote for a local legislative position, and the person she wants to vote for is a Democrat. She would have been disappointed if she'd gotten the Republican ballot and been unable to vote for who she wanted!

This makes me think again about getting involved in some of this stuff. Ken and I have talked about it, and while I'm not ready to commit right now to campaigning for anyone, some of the processes can be very confusing. I wasn't sure how our primary worked, and an email to our state election commission got a response that quoted the election code and left me saying, "What does that mean? I think I've forgotten my question!" It was about as clear as mud, and it makes me wonder if we shouldn't do better about getting information to people, or making it easier for them to vote. Another interesting thing my Mom said was that she would have rather voted by absentee ballot, because she likes being at home and having the time to decide. She feels rushed when she goes to the polling place. I think that's a valid point, and perhaps absentee ballots--or even voting over the Net--should be more accessible.

I had an email from Ken in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan during his lunch break. He was catching up on emails, then got back to the meetings. He said things were going well, and he was pleased to have found an english pub last night!

Nothing new for dinner tonight. I need to work on some leftovers, so it's chicken nachos and chicken quesadilla. I have lots of sour cream left...yum!



jimsulliv3 said...

I've never seen that kind of bird and I am familiar with many. It's a good looking creature.


ziggy2315 said...

    You have such interesting birds over there. I have seen many grosbeaks, but none with this colouring. Your Oreo oriole is a very handsome bird. Beautiful colour.
    I enjoyed hearing about your primary coming up. I never did know who got to vote in those. Personally, although I cannot vote, I am getting a bit sick of all the petty squabbles and childishness of Obama and Clinton. It is not very becoming to either one of them.    
    Hope your Ken is enjoying Saskatoon, Saskatchewan !

queeniemart said...

i love that orange spray stuff in the laundry aisle that you can spray on your shower walls and it really cleans up quick! I hate to clean the bathroom too but isn't it great when it is done and all nice and smelling good?
Glad you got to talk to your mom also.