Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Disaster averted

Being the avid reader that I am, I have many bookmarks. I have exactly two that are my favorites.

They are both metal bookmarks of the style in the picture: they are flat, and one part slips over the page while the other slips under. They stay in place, but they aren't bulky. I love them. One is a Frank Lloyd Wright bookmark that I got when Cousin Shane and I visited the Dana-Thomas House in Oak Park, Illinois on our short Route 66 trip. That was in 2001, so you can see that I have kept this bookmark and even treasured it! The other is a Bastet bookmark, the Egyptian cat goddess, and I got that one when we went to Philadelphia in 2006 to see the Tutankhamun exhibit. I've been using Bastet more often lately, but in preparation for vacation, I replaced Bastet with a paper bookmark--I never take my "special" bookmarks on vacation, because I don't want to risk losing them.

So I put Bastet aside for now, and then looked for Frank Lloyd Wright on the table...then on the side table...then on the floor BY the tables. Then I looked in my stack of books by the bed, thinking I'd left it in a book I'd put away. Then I went downstairs and looked at the bookcases and books I'd recently read. By this time, I'm getting a little upset with myself, wondering if I'd thrown it away by accident. I looked at my books again, then I looked in my junk drawer among all my pens and refills...then I looked in the little baskets that hold odds and ends. Frank was GONE!

I realized that it was foolish to be so upset (and honestly, on the verge of obsessive) about a bookmark, but dammit, I LOVED that bookmark, and it was from a special trip and held special significance for me. I calmed myself down and thought about it. I knew I had seen it recently in the vicinity of the chair where I sit and type. I had recently cleaned things up a bit, and I knew that I had some books out here I was getting ready to read but hadn't yet, and when I cleaned, I put those books back on my stack. I went and looked again, this time picking up the books and looking inside.

I FOUND IT! It was hiding in the book that Dr. Will sent to me. I know it's probably kind of silly, but I feel so relieved. I knew I would remember that bookmark and always regret losing it, both for its simple beauty and for the memories it held. I hoped that it would turn up one day, but I'm glad I kept looking.

Feel free to think to yourself, "Jeez, it was just a bookmark." I can laugh about it now that I've found it!


krmprm said...

HI,  had to back up a couple entries to play catch-up.
(or is it ketch-up? Nah! You put that on brats. Or brats
put it on you.)  Forgive, I am in silly mode, today.  (Or
is it mood?) Whatever!  I hate that expression,  i went
to a three-year-old's birthday party at Mr. Gatti's Sat.
and they were using it. Whatever!  And they say kids
pick up bad words from adults.  Or is it vice versa?
You'll have to read my last comment to understand
this :  It could stand for  Lover-tee (golfer) or Lover-
tee-hee (laugher).  Yep,  I'm a plate reader.   Pat

carouselqueen70 said...

I dont think it is silly at all. I thought I lost this small blanket that my grandmother had made my son. She passed away a few months ago. I ran myself ragged trying to find it. Finally I found it and I felt so relieved.....love, Christine

howiseeit101 said...

Can I ever relate to your story, only with me it was a story I had written years ago that, for some reason, surfaced in my mind recently.  I thought it was safely saved on my computer but discovered it was not.  I was frantic!  It took a few days of obsessive thinking and searching, but...I found it!    Thanks for sharing this story.  -Karen

queeniemart said...

if something is important to you, no matter what it is, then it is worth getting upset over. I am glad you found it. I have been fascinated by Fallingwater my whole life. My city has a FLWright home.....they have spent millions to refurbish it.

shrbrisc said...

I love the book marks and ouch is right on the mechanic bill couldn't they give you a freguent flyer discount or something lol
have a great evening

buckoclown said...

I was at first worried that those were all you bookmarks, but was relieved that they were not.  Then, I was absolutely absorbed in the drama of the lost bookmark.  Then..... :o)

bgilmore725 said...

LOL! You remind me of the Woman That Named Everything!! Sometimes, I get that way (concerned) about things that seem to be missing. Like today, as I was getting ready for the students to arrive, I realized my watch was not on my wrist. I thought back... and yes, I had put it on this morning, and I even remembered looking at it several times. But it was gone, and I couldn't recall any motion or movement I had made where I would have caused it to unlock and slip off unnoticed like that. I nearly panicked, as it was a Fossil watch. It looks more like a bracelet than a watch. I had ten minutes before kids showed up, so I retraced my steps in and around the school building. No luck. I buzzed the office and told them I'd lost my watch in case someone had found it. About two hours later, feeling lost not knowing what time it was (we were outside all day for Field Day activities), I decided to search my tote bag one more time, and lo, there it was at the bottom... must have caught on something while I was looking for a pencil earlier. I was very relieved. I have two other watches, but this was my everyday watch, and I didn't want to lose it so carelessly. After being reunited with my watch (but actually, I was never very far from it!), I relaxed. Just a watch, but it's part of my 'wardrobe' for the day. I think I just like things to be in their places. There is a place for everything in my house. If there isn't a proper place, it'll end up in a box downstairs, and eventually, it will be forgotten. Once it's forgotten, it could end up at a yard sale, the dump, or be given away to someone who could use it more than I. I will be first to admit that I have too many things. My pastor tells us to let go of our things. I'm trying. It's hard to do, being a teacher. Glad you found your Frank!! <grin> bea

mpnaz58 said...

You'd laugh at what I use to mark my pages in a book...anything handy!  It may be a tissue, a postcard, a photo, the flap of an envelope...but I never dog ear my pages...drives me crazy.  I have so many books I've started to read, but never got around to finishing, so there's all kinds of crap sticking out of my books...thats how I can tell I haven't read them!
xoxo ~Myra

eml625 said...

Do you know that I don't own one single "special" book mark. That's sad !!!
I become obsessed when I lose something ......

markonit said...

... you are not alone in having something small that holds a big significance in our lives ... I am glad you found your book mark ..!

rdautumnsage said...

I have an indian choker that is made of very small pocupine quill beads and wood, I've had it for years...I've misplaced that a few times and literally tore the house up looking for it. I almost always wear it when I go out and have quite a few people even offer to buy it off me...Some things have that sentimental value that makes it worth the distress. As for bookmarks. I have a couple that look like oriental rugs, beautiful stitching.(Hugs) Indigo

jmoqueen said...

I understand ~ I've done that several times possibly not with a bookmark but the principle is the same ;)  Glad you found it though xx  I love bookmarks and have quite a few so that when I change books I change bookmark too :o)