Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ken's new BFF

Ken was out watering the trees he planted, as well as the peach tree he planted last year. I heard him yell, "Hey Honey!" I looked out, and he said, "Check out my new friend!" While Ken was out front, this little guy wandered over, and Ken scratched the kitty's ears. Then the kitty started following Ken.

I don't know if I've mentioned that the people across the road have multiple cats--I've seen at least 5--that they let roam. We are both very torn, because we love cats, and these really are pretty and friendly ones, but we do NOT like it that they let them roam onto our property--they hunt our birds and agitate OUR cat. Let me also say that I strongly believe that cats should be indoor animals, and that it's been proven that they have longer lives if they aren't allowed to roam free. It also upsets me because I've seen at least one of those cats get killed while crossing the road.

Oh, and speak of the devil, guess who just came up on the deck, right up to the sliding glass door, looked in and gave a little meow, as in, "New friend? Are you there?" I HATE this, because this looks like such a cute and sweet cat, and I just had to go out and shoo him off the walkway because Sheeba was all agitated in the window of the bedroom.

I made the mistake of petting one of these cats last year while I was sitting out on the deck. He/she kept hanging around and trying to follow me just breaks my heart! People, please keep your kitties indoors, but if you DO let them roam, make sure they're fixed. My pal Indigo is constantly trying to help feral cats and their kittens, and for anyone who loves animals, it's upsetting to see them roaming around, tick- and flea-infested, and with cuts and scratches. Some people say, "Oh, but cats have to hunt or they aren't happy." That's what cat toys are for. Have you ever seen a cat stalk a spot on the carpet, or a piece of string? They don't need to be outside hunting, they can do that perfectly well indoors, and they'll stay much healthier.

This has been a public service announcement.


buckoclown said...

What can I say - I was born just a minute ago :o)
While I was planting the trees in the front, these two kitties, I thing siblings from the same litter came over, and rubbed up against the shovel that was only a foot away.  So it was either acknowledge them, or shoo them away with the shovel.  
So, the result is the above picture :o)

lv2trnscrb said...

thanks for your nice comments on my journal; we are enjoying our new house, (currently just renting, but I tell you if the price was right, I'd be tempted to buy it, but we want to make sure we like the area first)

I'm not much of a cat person, but I have to agree with you; cats seem to be safer inside than outside; we have lots of coyotes in the city where I lived and live and they feed great off of outdoor cats

I hope you have a nice weekend


madcobug said...

I wish some of the neighbors around here would heed your advice. I am beginning to think someone dropped off a mama cat that keeps having kittens and yes they do get the birds and disrupt the peace. I hate to see them go hungry but you start feeding them and sure enough you gave a yard full of cats having more cats with dogs barking at them. Helen

queeniemart said...

I am deathly allergic to cats and therefore do not like them and have nothing to do with a cat. I agree though...if i have to pay to license my dogs, well, why are cats different? License them and force the owner to put a collar on all cats too with the tag. I see dead cats all over my city all the time.

eml625 said...

We have neighbors too that keep having kittens and then let then wander about . My kids always end up whining to get one. But my dog wouldnt like that much.
I agree keep the kitties indoors!!!
Glad you enjoyed your warm day

frankandmary said...

The rescue kitten I have spent almost all her time before being with me outside, & she tries to escape at every turn.  I feel badly for her, but don't want her to be an "outside cat."  I understand what you are saying about this.  All the other cats in the neighborhood are outside cats & they tease Briege at the window all the time. Some are so sweet, & yes most definitely, I have pet them, bad idea.
I take Briege outside while I am there(basically because she is always begging to go out) & she stays pretty close to me when I do, UNLESS she sees another cat(or chases a squirrel). ~Mary

jmoqueen said...

I can see what your saying but at the end of the day if there is a catflap in the owners door then it's the cats choice whether they stay or go.  I think the arguments for both cases are justified.