Sunday, May 25, 2008

Till the end of the day....

Whew, what a fun afternoon! Shane got here around 4:30 and we all watched the end of the Indy 500. Congrats to Scott Dixon on his first win at Indy! There were a few crashes, but no one was seriously injured--although Ryan Briscoe might be dead meat when Danica Patrick finishes with him. Man, she was loaded for bear after their crash! I can't say I blame her--that was a stupid mistake.

We had a great time sitting out on the deck and chatting and laughing. I suppose Shane and I bored Ken a few times by laughing hysterically over weird things that happened when we were kids, but Ken already knows that we're a little on the odd side. Ha! He seems to like us despite our weirdness!

Before Shane got here, I told Ken that I wondered if Shane might not drive the Mustang. (I believe it's a '67--correct me if I'm wrong, Shane--and a gift from his Dad. Virtually everything is original, including all of the interior. It's so sweet.) Sure enough, Shane fired her up and drove her tonight! It's a beautiful midnight blue color, with pale blue interior.

Here are several pictures, including the Mustang, pictures of Nutwood, Shane, Ken, me and Shane, me and Ken, and a brat that screams "Eat me!"



Isn't that a gorgeous car? It even has the original paint job, if I'm not mistaken. There is some superficial paint damage, but it's minor. It is such a beauty.






Ken is all smiles about having his picture taken! I'm not sure why he hates to have his picture taken so much, because I think he looks pretty cute.






It's always great to see Shane. We always have so much fun together!







Ken and his special "grillin' shirt," that says Grills Gone Wild. Woooo! Par-tyyy!








 Me an' mah cuz!







                                                                                             Me an' mah hub!






Brat sez, "Eat me!" Everything turned out great. The potato salad definitely wasn't as good as homemade, but it was also much easier! 







Part of our back yard in late afternoon. The circle of rocks in the foreground is our sacrificial altar fire pit, and we hope to have a bonfire soon, before the weather gets too hot for our robes a bonfire. Beating heart S'mores, anyone?




As the sun was starting to set, I got this picture...I love it when things start getting so lush and green, and this is the kind of thing that makes me think, "MAN, I love this place!"






And finally, the end of a most excellent day. The sun has set, the moon has risen, the frogs are peeping, and Shane and the Mustang are ready to roll. Rain is supposed to come our way tonight, so I'm so happy that we got to enjoy such a great day.

I hope you all had a great day, too!


madcobug said...

Sounds and looks like you all had a great time. Great pictures. I like your place. Have another great day today. Helen

rdautumnsage said...

Bleah! (Crosses eyes and sticks tongue out) catching up to you hon. I've read the last 6 entries prior to this one. I'm commented in only one today thougth...First all thanks for the public service message about cats. I do try to make a difference. I admit there are some feral cats that can't be domesticated (meaning they will never, ever see the inside of a house)..I do keep them content enough that they remain on my property and don't roam the neighborhood. I've never understood why some people allow their cats in and out doors. I like mine inside when it's an option. I've seen way too many cats hit by cars, or disappear altogether.

Love the pictures of your get together. That car is so sweet! Great pictures of your backyard. We have an Iron kiln, thingy (damn if I remember what to call it) and love burning it in the late evenings and nights in the summer. I actually picked up marshmallows to roast on the fire already. This may be a short and sweet, I'm thinking of you and Ken today comment. It's gorgeous outside and I want my garden in before it gets too hot. You know Ken looks a lot like Doc expect Doc's face is thinner and he shaves his head bald. They both have the light coloring in the goatee and mustache and similiar glasses. How odd is that? Shows we both have good taste in our partners. (Hugs) Indigo

mpnaz58 said...

What a lovely evening!  Just what a relaxing day should, good food, great weather...weird conversation!
xoxo ~Myra

eml625 said...

Thanks for the pictures !!! Awesome yard, and even better car...very sweet -
I missed the Indy, but never got into that myself.
Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

aimer said...

Great pictures and I agree, Ken is cute and you are a lovely couple. Ken, no more trying to avoid having your picture taken!--Sheria

krmprm said...

Oh, it is good to be home!  My weekends away just remind me that,
"There's no place like home, Toto, there's no place like home!"   Even
though, I had to call the plumber,  thermostat messed up on hot
water heater.  Ouch!  I didn't even need a cold shower.
Your place is beautiful.  A lovely deck overlooking that manicured
lawn.(Good job, Ken!) a tasty meal, and two cute men.  How lucky
can you get?  
Did I tell you before that I think of you as "Love 'er tea" most of the
time?  Like reading personalized plates, when I first read your screen
name,  I pictured a little 66 year old Blimey 'o loves her tea and scones.
Took a DUH! moment to realize you love Route 66.  Go figure. Couldn't
have been more wrong if I'd tried.  Happy grilling 2-U.      Pat

queeniemart said...

Did you take a ride in his Mustang? GORGEOUS car!! Yeah, we get to see pics of you, Ken and Shane! I love that. You are all good looking folk!!! I love your property too. It looks peaceful even thru photos.