Sunday, May 18, 2008

[Cue the kettle drums]

A quiet morning spent reading the paper, and petting Sheeba who seemed determined to sit on my lap until my legs turned numb. (He succeeded.) Ken is now doing some "work" work, and waiting to see if it will clear up enough to mow. It's been sunny for a while now, so it's looking likely.

There was a good story on CNN this morning about how the U.S. Olympic Committee is giving the Olympic athletes Chinese etiquette lessons. (For example, it's considered very impolite to touch a stranger.) I think that's a great idea, because they are ambassadors to China, and I think it's always important to respect different cultures. Ken and I have talked about how we always try to be good "visitors" and good representatives of Indiana and the U.S. I hope that when we leave a place, people say, "Those Indiana people are really nice!" Ha!

It made me wonder about what's going on with Chicago's Olympic bid, so I found their web site. I was a little disappointed to see that they changed their logo. It went from the cool torch that portrayed the Sears Tower and Chicago skyline reflected in the waters of Lake Michigan to a white star with the same color scheme. Upon further reading, the star represents the Chicago Star, part of the city flag, and the six points each represent something, although I can't recall what. Faith, Hope, Pursuit of Cubs tickets...something like that. What a shame, because I thought the torch design was perfect. Ah well, not my decision.

Ken and I love the Olympics, and are supporters. I oppose using the Olympics as a political tool, because I believe that sullies the purity of the Olympic spirit, which is all about the best athletes in the world in competition against each other. We were thrilled to hear that Chicago is on the short list for the 2016 bid, because as a nearby city with several athletic facilities (a world-class kayak run, Notre Dame stadium, etc.), we could very well host practices and trials, although actual events are a remote possibility. We would certainly go to any trials held here, and we'd definitely try to get tickets to actual events in Chicago.

Chicago is up against places like Madrid, Prague, and Tokyo, so it could be rough, but it sounds like Chicago has a pretty good chance. C'mon, Chi-town, we're pulling for you!

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queeniemart said...

i visited Chicago once and loved was such an exciting place. I hope it wins its bid.

frankandmary said...

Etiquette lessons should be a must.  I've spoken to too many Americans who've traveled out of the country & expected their host country to change for them rather than the other way around. I find that rude & something that contributes to the notion(at times) that we are the Ugly American. I was discussing this with a rep for the Peace Corps, since when you join, they emphasize your need to do your job, & not try to change anyone...this is their country & customs, not yours.  They give you extensive etiquette lessons before you travel with them.  ~Mary

ziggy2315 said...

Vancouver is hosting the Winter Olympics in 2010. Just a little bit west from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (lol). You should come up and visit and be part of the Olympic spirit. It is a beautiful city.

carouselqueen70 said...

I think you are right about good etiquette at the olympics. We have to respectful of other countries cultures. Maybe they should have to take a course about the different cultures.At least the basics anyways.  Maybe that would help.I dont, Christine

jmoqueen said...

Completely agree that the olympics should not be used as a political tool.  The whole fuss about the torch and demonstrators the other day only served to prove that point!!!   I prefer the old version ;)


eml625 said...

I casted my vote!!!