Friday, May 30, 2008



We're pretty much on top of everything, and just need to get things packed into the suitcases.

We just spent a little time discussing our menus for the week, and what we need to get at the store Saturday night. We're thinking ribs, chicken, steak, but needless to say, we're going heavy on the fresh fish! It's kind of fun to plan and look forward to our week. We'll go out to eat our first night there (I'm thinking crab legs!) so we don't have to worry about cooking when we're just getting settled.

It's looking good for the launch on Saturday evening. According to the NASA web site, there is an 80% chance of good weather for the launch, so the only variables are flight delays and traffic delays once we hit the highway. Knowing how flights can be, I'm a little worried, but we'll hope for the best and believe that we can get over to the timeshare without a hitch.

I talked to my Mom this afternoon, and we talked about the shuttle launch. She said, "Oh, I hope it isn't like the one we saw." Turns out--and I can't believe I didn't know this--that they were at Cape Canaveral for the Challenger launch. Mom said that they were standing next to Christa McAuliffe's mother, and at first no one knew what was going on, and when they realized what had happened...oh, how awful that must have been. I still remember watching it when I was at work at the lab in North Dakota. We were all horrified, and YES, we will hope and pray that this launch goes off with no problems whatsoever.

Keep your fingers crossed that we can get there in time, but if not, I'm sure we'll be able to pull off the highway and watch!

We'll be taking the laptop, and we hope that we can get the poolside network at the timeshare. I don't think I'll be posting long--or multiple--entries, but I hope to get some pictures and videos up for you in the coming week. See ya on the beach!

Oh, and don't forget to visit The Wildcat's Lair. I can't begin to tell you how much this cracks me and Ken up.

I might have another entry left in me tonight, but we shall see. Dinner soon, then finishing all the packing. Current temperature here: 70°. Current temperature in New Smyrna Beach: 81°. Oh yeah, babe. I'm ready!


queeniemart said...

I was a senior in HS and the whole school was watching that explosion as it happened..we were in an aseembly. That was awful.
Be safe, have fun, don't get burned and i can not wait to hear of all the good food you two get to eat.

madcobug said...

Have a fun time and take care. Helen

frankandmary said...

I'm glad you are all set to go, but I am still laughing over the Clay entry.  If he can impregnate someone, maybe I can too.  I'd better be careful. ~Mary

eml625 said...

Have a safe and FUN time. I can tell your already in vacation mode!!!!

Big hugs!

buckoclown said...

Packing is done, dinner is ready (what a week, never eating before 2100 hours), and I have my last work-work done - Vacation Boy Is Here (picture a not-small man standing with his legs at shoulder width, fists curled and on the hips, and a wide grin lighting the room) :o)

luvrte66 said...

Yay, Vacation Boy is here to save the day!

Vacation Girl has your back....

Hee heee!


markonit said...

... sounds fabulous ... wish I was there too ..!

cuteallison1980 said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal.  I've never seen a launch but I have seen it come back to earth at Edwards AFB here in CA.  It is awesome and we get twin sonic booms when it is slowing down.  Have fun and hope you get there in time.


specialadyfink said...

Be safe-n have a great time.
Beautiful pic above-I love palm trees-although I've never seen
one up close and personal like...

shrbrisc said...

I remember being called to the gym for a prayer that was a very sad day for our country

lurkynat said...

HI! A very interesting entry!

jmoqueen said...

I hope you have a fab time xx and that you made it for the shuttle launch xx