Sunday, May 25, 2008

A big Thank You





First and foremost, Happy Memorial Day, and a word of thanks to all those who have served and given their all for our country. We are grateful. 





Ahh, today looks to be even more beautiful than yesterday! A perfect day for the 500, and a perfect day for our little cookout! Cousin Shane is coming over to join us, so I know we'll have lots o' fun in the sun!

The new grill is AWESOME. The T-bones were perfectly cooked, and I think Ken is very happy with it. He'll get to use it again today with the brats. Which reminds me, I need to get them out of the freezer!

I'm including an ad that makes me laugh every time I see it. I haven't used this product, so I can't endorse it, but I sure do like their commercial!


buckoclown said...

Yikes!  Scary Veggies.  Sorry, can't even consider being Vegan after that.  :o)

Can't  believe I have not seen that commercial before.

madcobug said...

Thanks for the tribute. All those grave markers make a person fell sad. I feel a sadness on Memorial Day.
LOL on that commercial. Wish I had a bowl full of those prettiest strawberries even better how about  a bowl full of ice cream made with them LOL. Have a good cookout today. Helen

eml625 said...

I have never seen that comercial !
Your new grill sounds great, lets see some photos !!! (include yourself in them too : )
Have a great day today

markonit said...

... glad you are having such a great day ..!

queeniemart said...

My employer sells those Rubbermaid things for $5.49 in the Produce dept. Different shapes and colors.
The T bones and the new grill sounds like you all had a rockin' party!

jmoqueen said...

I like that product where can I get them lol Glad the grill is awesome xx