Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a great day!

Wow, what a gorgeous day it's been! For the first time this year, it feels like summer!

We slept in, read the paper, talked with Cousin Ros and Aunt Bea concerning our trip to California this summer, then to Kimberley and Steve regarding the same trip (as well as about a trip together to Vegas later in the year), along with just getting caught up in general. Interesting to get perspectives from some California teachers--Ros, Kim, and Steve are all teachers--about California's budget crunch. Ros said that there have been layoffs in her district. That's such a shame.

Ken made a trip to Lowe's while I washed the bathroom walls. We have a slight mildew problem in the corners above the shower, so he got some anti-mildew paint and we'll give that a try. Other than the mildew, the walls and paint job are really in good shape, so we think we'll just paint the ceiling. We're not sure why we get mildew in there, because we have a ceiling fan. ???

Later on, Ken worked on putting together our new grill. (We got it at the end of the season last year.) It looks great, and we're going to give it a "test drive" tonight when Ken grills some T-bones. Yum! While he did that, I sat nearby and soaked up some rays, ready to lend a hand if needed. I helped a couple of times!

Now Ken is out planting some trees he bought at Lowe's today: a pear and a ?cherry?. Correct me if I'm wrong, Honey! He got a couple of small arborvitae for out front, too, and we hope we can continue to get trees between us and the house across the street. (Their yard tends to look a tad messy at times.)

It felt great to sit outside and enjoy the weather a bit! Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer.

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend so far, and that your day is as beautiful as ours has been. And it's not even over yet!


buckoclown said...

A Nectarine and a Pear Tree (no partridges in it thankfully).  Seems for every two trees we plant, only one survives, but we are making prgress :o)

markonit said...

... I love good 'nothing' entries like this ..!  It IS a beautiful day after all ..!

jmoqueen said...

Hope you enjoyed your T-bones xx  That's mad that your getting mildew with the ceiling fan!!