Saturday, May 24, 2008

Undiscovered Territory

A conversation while cooking:

Me: I could go for some music. Since I wrote about them the other day, how 'bout some J. Geils?

Ken: Sure!

Me: Are you familiar with them?

Ken: Oh yeah.

Me: Seriously? Even their older stuff, like I wrote about?

Ken: Oh yeah.

Me: No way!

Ken: Shyeah!

Me: Cool!

As we're cookin' and jammin' to J. Geils, what a nice reminder that we still don't know everything about each other, and that there is still undiscovered territory. And little "discoveries" like this just reinforce our compatibility. I love Ken no matter what, but knowing that he's always loved The J. Geils Band, too,  is just an added bonus. Shyeah!



markonit said...

... and there is one thing for sure ... 'Love Stinks' ..!

... but really, congratulations to the both of you ..!

queeniemart said...

Rick is 7 yrs older than me but we have the exact same taste in music.....long ago we'd both start singing a song together and just laugh. Nice to know Ken loves J. Geils too.

eml625 said...

Music is very important in my opinion. Even with my husband being six years older, we have the same taste also.
Great discovery!
Be well,

buckoclown said...

Actually, I think it was Shyaa :o)

carouselqueen70 said...

my husband and I dont like the same music. But we try to find things we both like. ...Christine

jmoqueen said...

It's great when things like that happen so randomly :o)