Friday, May 16, 2008

A trip to the garden

Three neat things:

As I was getting ready to head outside, I saw 3 deer in the marsh at the back. I walked outside, and was walking quietly back towards the garden, watching one of them munch on some leaves. She finally saw me, and froze. She stared at me for a little bit, and I didn't move, but she finally gave this huge SNORT in warning to her pals, and they all took off, white tails flashing. It was too cool!

I was able to pick some asparagus, but I was surprised to see that a few had already started to fern! Wow, that happened fast. I need to get on it next year. While I was out there, I snipped a bunch of chives...I'm thinking some mashed potatoes with chives tonight!

I also was able to save a critter in distress. When I opened the little garden shed that Ken built for me, I saw a big ol' bumble bee on the floor. He didn't look aggressive at all--they rarely are--so I went about my business. When I was done, he was still there, and on his back. I grabbed a garden stake and got him to crawl up on it. I put him onto part of the garden fence, and when I was heading back to the house, he was sitting in the sun. I don't know if he'll be okay, but I hope so! I also don't know if bumble bees are in as dire straits as are honey bees, but I figure that a pollinator is a pollinator, and he deserved a chance at future pollinations ("Hello, my leetle flower"), rather than a gruesome death on the floor of our garden shed.

One not so neat thing: I think something has perished out in the woods. When I was snipping my chives, I got quite a whiff of what seemed to be something that has joined the choir invisible. Yikes.


carouselqueen70 said...

That was really nice of you for helping the Bumble Bee. I am like that too. I am afraid of spiders but i try to live with them because I hate to kill them. They do kill the flies that come into the house. If there is a dead animal up in the woods then I knwo aboiut it because my dogs roll in it. YUCK!!!. Enjoy your, Christine

jmoqueen said...

Hey,  thank you very much for the comment you left in my journal :o)  Just thought I would stop by and say hi xx  You are far too nice to the bumble bee lol..........but your right they are not aggressive, only when you stir them up.


mjgm1954 said...

Thank you for stopping by my journal. So nice to meet you and read of your interesting life. I love asparagus! never thought of growing mu own though.

aimer said...

Thank you for sharing this entry; it's nice to vicariously experience your neat things. It sounds like a lovely day.--Sheria

buckoclown said...

While I admire your empathy for the BB, I am not sure I could do the same.  The last time I was stung, I had a horrible reaction, and am afraid that it will only escalate from there.  So, as you know, I am very skittish around our stinger endowed pollinators :o)

mpnaz58 said...

Growing you own asparagus??  Thats great...have you seen the price lately?  The price of anything is a family, with kids, supposed to eat these days??  Unreal!  Your compassion, even for a bumblebee, is beyond measure.
xoxo ~Myra

jimsulliv3 said...

I love watching deer. It must be nice to see them wander onto the property without being shot at.

Kudo's for saving the pollinator. Being of the same ilk as the bee, I would have appreciated in the past if someone had spotted me on my back and helped back into the world of wild flowers.


queeniemart said...

I hope you don't stubble onto that dead thing in the woods. I am scared of bees.....but you are such a good person with nature and such.
How awesome that you have those deer right in your back yard!