Wednesday, May 21, 2008



Well, color me pleasantly surprised!

Ken and I were very pleased to see David Cook become...YOUR...American Idol! (Say it like Ryan Seacrest.)

We really thought that David A. would win, but I guess plenty of others were thinking along the same lines as us: David C. is more versatile and is more likely to sell a boatload of CD's.

A few thoughts about the show, which I thought was a lot better than some of the past finales:

Several of you made comments on my entry with the Solid Gold Dancers video about how you love George Michael. How crazy is it that he was on the show tonight?! We're all psychics! (Not!) He looked a little on the skinny side, but his voice still sounded great, didn't it? Like I told Ken, anyone who can sing "Somebody To Love" (wasn't that at Live Aid?) almost as well as Freddie Mercury has got some vocal chops. It was great to see George and hear him sing so well.

Donna Summer was pretty impressive, too. She's still gorgeous, and man, she can belt it out!

Did Carrie Underwood look slutty, or was it just my imagination? Ken thought so, too. Of course, we're still pissed that Bo didn't win that year. We'll let it go eventually. <grin> I love old-style country like Johnny Cash (may he rest in peace), but I've never been a fan of modern country (no offense to anyone who is a fan) and I never will be. I love the twang and simplicity of the old stuff, as well as bluegrass, but if I want to hear rock or pop, that's what I'll listen to.

Amanda (Rocker Chick) looked SO uncomfortable doing those silly dance numbers. If I recall correctly, she isn't going on tour with the Idols this summer--that's a good thing, because I really don't think she'd enjoy that at all.

The funniest thing of the night for me was seeing Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey, Jr. be the Pips for Gladys Knight. I can't even LOOK at Jack Black without laughing, and all 3 of them were just hilarious.

How cool was it that Simon apologized to David Cook for his harsh criticism of his performances last evening? Way cool, that's what it was.

The past few years, we haven't been all that pleased with the outcome of this show, but I have to say, this one was much more entertaining.


ziggy2315 said...

I was pleased to see David Cook win, but they were both winners to me. I am still aghast at the thought of 98,000,000 votes being cast. With staggering numbers like that, too bad you can't phone in your political vote come November.

jjdolfin9 said...

We are always pleased when the one we want to win I'm not that pleased this morning.  Nor was I last year.  However, Carrie has proved that she should have won over Bo the year before.  BTW, I thought she looked great last night.
Hugs, Joyce

shrbrisc said...

I would of watched if I had known that damn I missed george lol

eml625 said...

This was a  GREAT finale... I loved seeing all the guests, Bryan Adams, George Michael..and yes, Carrie Underwood looked slutty ! For a country singer, she's a bit out there I suppose.
I also wanted Bo to win that year !
Way to go COOK !!  I really thought the youngin' was going to win....I'm happy he didnt !

PS  I LOVE Jack Black too and Ben Stiller is great , loved that whole skit.

queeniemart said...

I LOVE Robert Downey, Jr. I thought both him and Bryan Adams looked better in their 40's (or older in Adams case, i think) than in the 80's. Gorgeous men. George Michaels is so special and that song he sang brought tears to my eyes. To me, his music is poetry. I think part of the reason Cook got millions more votes is that the public felt that Archuleta was going to win and millions started dialing to help out the "under dog", Cook. Simon was way way too impulsive and critical of Cook on Tues and he realized it. That is why he apologized.