Monday, May 5, 2008

A fun day with Ken and Pepé

Did anyone else watch the comedies on CBS tonight? It's one of our favorite nights for TV. We both cracked up over "Two and a Half Men," because the cool thing there was that a couple of the CSI writers switched with the "Two" writers, so 2½ was about a surprising death and an even more surprising revelation about true identities. It was some funny stuff! The matching CSI episode will be on this Thursday.

A lovely day, and tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer. This morning, I noticed a hummingbird hovering outside the front window, looking inside like, "Hey! Where's the feeder?!" I have a hummingbird feeder out at the back, but I hadn't put the one out at the front yet. That has been remedied, so I hope Hummy will be happy tomorrow. And the orioles are going through an orange a day--I've never seen them eat this much, and I've never seen this many orioles here! I'm going to get some grape jelly and fill up the orange rinds after they eat all of the orange. I'm hoping that will lure the catbirds up to the deck, too. I saw them in the trees today, and they were mewing like crazy, but I haven't been able to get them up to the deck yet.

Ken mowed today, and the yard looks really nice--it's getting amazingly green! Tonight we had the best dang summer dinner in the whole world: T-bone steaks on the grill (perfectly cooked by Ken), baked potatoes, and a big salad with blue cheese dressing. Yum, yum, and yum! Last year, we got a new grill on sale, and we'll get that put together soon.

Oh my...I  can't see him, but our resident skunk, Pepé le Pew, is definitely in the area. I really don't want him up by the house, but I'm definitely not going to try to chase him off! Have you ever seen a skunk up close? I've watched Pepé through the window as he was munching on bird seed that fell from the feeder above, and they are beautiful critters. Their tails are lush and full and gorgeous, and NO, I don't want to give Pepé a hug! Ha!

I find myself wishing sometimes that I could give some of our critters some kind of a little pat. Never fear, I know better. As cute as some of these little guys might be, they are still wild animals, and we should never forget that. Last year, a young raccoon was hanging onto the deck with his little front paws, and I wanted so much to grab him and pull him up to safety...he was looking at me with those cute little raccoon eyes...but I kept my cool and resisted. The little guy dropped to the ground, and I ran downstairs to see if he was okay--he was fine, and all the squirrels that have dropped from the deck have been fine, too.

I guess I need to stop worrying about how all the woodland animals are going to make it without my intervention, huh? They seem to be surviving just fine without my help. Ha! 

I actually feel quite sleepy, and I think I'll pop off to bed very soon, and join Ken.

And just a quick note--thanks, Sherry, for your nice comment about voting. No matter who you vote for or who you support, the important thing is to get out there and vote!



rdautumnsage said...

Thanks for the reminder, without fail I'm putting up my hummingbird feeder after I finish this comment. As for close encounters of the skunk kind. I've had one memorable one. When I lived in the boonies, around the time my daughter was 2 a mother cat of ours had kittens. I wanted my daughter to enjoy seeing this wonderous experience firsthand. Long story short, the kittens used to go out our screen door and frolic in the front yard. One day I happened to look outside and there was a skunk. I didn't know what to do. So I watched to see what would happen. The skunk sat there for over an hour playing with the kittens. They would pounce on it and everything. I wish to this day I had gotten pictures. The mother cat didn't seem to be alarmed or worried.

Almost every day this skunk would come waddling across the road from the hilltop across the street from us to play with the kittens. After a few months, I had rehomed almost all the kittens. I remember the sad day she came looking for them and couldn't find them. I wanted so badly to go out and reassure her they were safe and alright. Until I moved I would leave raw vegetables and nuts out there for her. She came around the same time every day without fail. (Hugs) Indigo

lucille4364 said...

I am so glad I got to retrieve my Google mail.  Your alerts come in on that mail and in all the problems with one computer crashing and getting the new tower hooked up I did not know if my Google account even survived.  It did and here I* am with my refreshing friend that writes a lot like me, letter style.    I get lost in your journals, they are so refreshing.  I love hearing about the wild life and all.

buckoclown said...

Go ahead, play with Pepe, I will make a special spot for you in the garage :o)