Wednesday, May 7, 2008

John's Modern Cabins


This weekend, Ken and I will be hittin' the road! Road trip, baby!

We're going to Springfield, Missouri to visit Ken's Mom and stepdad. We haven't seen them since Christmas, so we thought this would be a good time to get down there. (We'll see my Mom and Dad the following weekend.)

We'll be leaving Friday morning and getting back Monday night. Since our time is limited, we won't be doing any sightseeing, except I've made one request: John's Modern Cabins outside of Rolla, Missouri.

For much of the way, we'll be taking I-44, which parallels a lot of Route 66. If we had more time, we'd take more of Route 66 (much of it is still drivable, did you know that?), but again, time is limited. In a year or two, we plan on doing the whole thing, Chicago to L.A., but my reason for wanting to see John's Modern Cabins is because I'm not sure they'll survive that long.

Why the interest in these decrepit cabins, you ask? They're a Route 66 icon, one of the cabin-style motels that was quite popular for a while. You can still see them here and there around the country, sometimes used as apartments. These are special because they are actually built as tiny log cabins, and the irony of the "Modern Cabins" name is priceless.

Last I knew, John's Modern Cabins was in peril and a campaign was underway to preserve this piece of American roadside history. Many places along Route 66 have been preserved, but so many more have been lost to us, including the even more famous and iconic Coral Court Motel in St. Louis. (A travesty of historical preservation and a tragic loss, in my book.)

John's Modern Cabins might not look like much, but they are a part of our roadside history and the car culture that gripped our country in the early to mid-part of the 20th century. I'm looking forward to seeing them, and I'll get lots of pictures, believe me! Video, too. They might not be around much longer, so this is my chance. 



madcobug said...

I bet they were pretty in their day. Have a nice trip this weekend. Helen

buckoclown said...

Just a taste until we do the whole kaboodle :o)

shrbrisc said...

Welcome to Missouri girl glad to have you here of course you are going thru the center of the state and I am in the boothill but I want to welcome you all the same

eml625 said...

I want to go too !!! PLEASE? You won't even know I'm there, well , we'll have to stop for bathroom breaks, you'll know I'm there then !
I LOVE this type of stuff. How cool. I know nothing of the history of Route 66, so I cant wait to hear all about it
Be well,

rdautumnsage said...

Sounds like an adventure. I would love to see those cabins. Glad your going to get plenty of pictures. I love the whole concept of the road trip along route 66. That is one adventure I would love to join you on. (Hugs) Indigo

carouselqueen70 said...

I hope you have a fun a safe trip. Be sure to tel us all about it when you come home...Christine

buckoclown said...

Like you could ever prevent Beth from telling you about the trip <lol> :o)

aimer said...

What an interesting piece of history! When I was growing up, I used to watch a television porgram called Route 66 starring George Maharis and some other actor whom I can't recall. I remember Maharis because I had a crush on him. They had weekly adventures as they traveled along Route 66. I don't remember if they had an ultimate destination but I always wanted travel with them on Route 66.--Sheria

queeniemart said...

Those cabins sound so interesting. I do hope you stopped and got pics.....i hope they are saved too.