Thursday, May 8, 2008

A new bird!


We have a new sighting!

I saw a couple of birds out front, feeding on the ground, this morning. I took a look with the binoculars and said, "Hey, you guys are new around here!"

Based on the spots on his chest, I was pretty sure he was some kind of thrush, but I wasn't sure if he was a Hermit, Wood, or Swainson's. He came back later and gave me a good look--he sat right outside the window!--and I was able to see his buff eye ring and buff face, which my book tells me means that he is a Swainson's Thrush.

This isn't their area. In the summer months, they breed in northern Canada and in California along the coast. They winter in Central and South America. Most of the U.S. is merely a migratory route for them, so I feel lucky to have seen two of them!

I went to Kohl's this morning and bought a new purse. Since I don't have to carry around a checkbook any more, I thought I'd get something a little smaller. I'm not sure it's that much smaller, but I just can't bring myself to carry around a teeny purse for every day! (When we go to a dressy event, that's a different story.) And it took me forever to find one that I liked. I hate purses. I must be really weird about them, because shopping for a purse this morning brought me no joy whatsoever. I kept thinking, "It should NOT be this hard!"



rdautumnsage said...

Just one more thing we tend to be alike in. I actually buy those modern guy bags that go over your shoulder and head and just sit on your hip. They tend to be lighter than purses and hold just as much. Yet they don't exactly look like a purse, rather a leather canvas bag (sorta like something you would carry a small laptop in). They work amazing for me as I can keep Pickles collapesable water dish and water on me for her, as well as my keys and wallet. It's not as cumbersome as a purse either. Told you I'm a bit of a tomboy (more retro). Give me a torn pair of jeans and hightops I'm comfortable and ready to take on the world.(I know not exactly the attire you would expect to see a 43 year old woman running around in)...(Hugs) Indigo

carouselqueen70 said...

I am the same way about purses. I wish that I could however carry a small purse. But the problem is that I carry everything but the kitchen sink in there. I am prepared for anything that might happen. lol Plus I always through my receipts in there. I must have a hundred of them Congratulations on your bird sightings. I love birds. Of course I dont see many around my yard because I have an indoor/outdoor cat. .....Christine

lucille4364 said...

I just love your pictures and your comments, like the purse.  To me I have been carrying a purse for years and years.  I  like your freshness and honestyLucille 4364

madcobug said...

This kinda makes me think of the grey bird I saw here last week. It was new to me also. I like those old denim purses. I think Ken got tired of seeing me carry one for so long and he saw one on TV and ordered it for me. It is a leather across the shoulder bag instead on sling on the shoulder one. Don't tell him but I prefer my old denim bag hee hee. Helen

eml625 said...

We share a love of bird watching ! I told you we have a feeder outside our window at work, it's so much fun to see the different birds that visit.
Now, the purse thing, that's about the only thing I DO enjoy shopping for !!!
I have a big old one now, fits everything in it!!!
Have a great day

queeniemart said...

Oh we sound alike. I want a purse to do the job more than i care what it looks like but i will use the same purse for 10 yrs until i am being made fun of for its condition before i will get a new one. Then it will take me forever to get the new one because i hate all purses. lol
My daughter loves designer purses and will spend alot of cash for them. Is she crazy? I like $10 ones.
Glad you got to see some new birds!