Friday, December 7, 2007

Bad start to a good day

Today didn't begin very well. Ken and I left at the same time, but he was heading out first. He had just pulled out of the driveway and down the road when I realized that I was stuck in the driveway. There's a bit of an incline up to the garage, and when I backed out and then put it in drive, it was just icy enough that I couldn't get any traction. I tried for about 5 minutes to get out, and ended up burying myself deeper. I ran in and called Ken, and he came back. He tried pushing me out, but I was stuck. He finally had to hook the rope up and pull me out with the truck. (I hope I didn't make him late for his early meeting! Update--he just called, and he said he made it to the meeting with 5 minutes to spare. Whew!) We will strategize tonight and figure out how to prevent this in the future. (This is the first winter we've used the new garage.) Do we need to put some sand down? Would it help if I put it in first instead of drive? We'll put our heads together and come up with something.

I got to work with no problem, with plenty of time...and as I was walking up the the building, my Star Trek lunchbox came open and my container of mandarin oranges broke open. Darn it! I started thinking it might be a bad day. Fridays at the lab can be notoriously bad.

I'm happy to say that seemed to be my allotment of bad luck for the day. We all stayed busy enough, but the workload wasn't crazy, and we were all able to finish up and get out on time. A few of us had that feeling of "I want to get out of here ASAP" so we didn't take lunches and left a half an hour earlier. I usually only feel like that when I have the next day off, and I definitely felt that way today!

It should be a good weekend to stay home, and we have no plans to go anywhere. I'll call my folks and see how they're doing, but I think we'll be staying home. We'll get out the Christmas stuff and put up the tree, and we'll get Kim and Steve's presents wrapped and boxed so I can send them on Monday. I think I'll work on the Christmas card labels, too, and start getting those ready to go out. I haven't opened the package yet, but I think I got Ken's last present in the mail today, so I'm done. Once we get the tree up, I'll be ready to start wrapping. Hey, is there a song called "Christmas Rap?" If not, there should be. Pardon the random thought. I sound like I have ADD.

I brought in the garbage can when I got home from work, and it's so funny to see all the animal tracks in the snow. The neighbor's cats were prowling around, and the deer tracks are all over the place. It's Grand Central Station for deer around here this time of year. We'll see their tracks coming right up to the house. We have a wrap-around deck on the house, and I've joked that one day we'll hear little hooves on the deck, and we'll have a deer looking in the windows!

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