Thursday, December 20, 2007

One thing nice, one thing funny

I was happy our UPS guy caught me at home tonight. Poor guy, it was almost 6 PM, and he said, "Whew, long day!" I signed for the package, and asked if he can accept gift cards. He said sure, so I handed him a gift card for our local grocery store. He thanked me, and I said, "You deliver so many packages to us, and we really appreciate it!" He seemed genuinely happy about it, so I'm glad I caught him. He's really a nice guy--he even knows now to watch out for Sheeba, who is liable to dart out the door.

Speaking of Sheeba, the funny thing has to do with him. He was getting kind of crazy, running around and yowling a bit. He managed to run into some of the packages under the tree, and after that, a couple of them started buzzing and moving. I was already cracking up, and Sheeba was VERY intrigued. I found the culprit under a gift from Ken to me. It was a gift from Baxter (Kim and Steve's cat) to Sheeba. I couldn't figure out how to stop the buzzing through the gift wrap, so I had to close myself in the bathroom to keep Sheeba out, and was able to just unwrap part of it and turn it off. I won't spill the beans in case Sheeba reads this while we're at work, but I think he will enjoy it very much! I hope he doesn't run into it again while we're at work--I can imagine what it would look like in here when I got home!

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