Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

Let me just say right away that I think that song was one of the biggest musical plagiaries of the century. Okay.

A good day, and we were very happy to be able to stay in the entire weekend. It was raining this morning, but it was cold enough that it formed a layer of ice on the deck railing and on the roads. It's supposed to end tonight, and Ken put some salt on the driveway where I back out of the garage, so let's hope the roads will be good for us all on the way to work tomorrow morning!

We didn't get the tree up, but Ken will do that next weekend while I'm working, and we'll decorate it when I get home. Ken got the shelf hung above the TV, and it looks really nice. I had a good talk with Mom and Dad, and they're doing well. I got most of the work done on the Christmas cards, and I'll be able to mail those this week. What a relief to get that done, or at least 90% done! Oh, and when I worked last weekend, Ken made Chex party mix, or as we call it in my family, Scramble. I haven't made it for some time, but Shane makes it every year and always gives us some. Ken was at the grocery store and decided it sounded good, so he wanted to make some. It turned out great, and we ate most of it up during the week. Ken made some more today, and we shared stirring duty--now we have another big container of it. Yum. I'm not big on baking at Christmas, because neither of us is that much into cookies or candies, and it seems that there is always plenty of that stuff at work--no point in having it around our house where we would eat way too much of it for our own good! I'm just so relieved that I've started dropping the ten pounds I put on when we quit smoking, so I don't want to jeopardize that by eating a bunch of junk and empty calories.

I've got a beef roast in the crockpot, and we'll get Kim and Steve's presents wrapped and packaged, then we'll watch the Colts. Here's hoping that everyone had a safe and happy weekend!

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