Saturday, December 15, 2007

A good day at work

We all had a good day today and finished up on time. That's always a plus! Especially today, because it started snowing late in the afternoon, and it sounds like we could get up to 8 inches by the time it's done tomorrow afternoon. The whole area is under a winter storm warning. I'm happy to be warm and cozy inside.

We also had some good news. We signed the contract on Wednesday with the local hospital (the one that tried to start their own lab this past summer). They'll resume sending us their Microbiology work first (we're hearing Feb. 1st) and other work will follow. What is extra nice is hearing the response from the doctors. Dr. Schroeder called (He's so nice, and always says, "Hi, this is Art Schroeder.") and he told my coworker, "It's really nice to talk to you guys again!" This morning was the real kicker. I answered the phone, and it was Dr. Hunt. I know this means nothing to anyone who doesn't work in the lab. Dr. Hunt is an Infectious Disease doc and is known for being quite demanding and often cranky. However, if I had a dangerous infection, I'd want him to treat me! Before he said anything else, he said, "THANK GOD you guys are gonna be the only Micro lab I deal with now!" When I told my coworkers about that, we all did a little end zone dance! Hearing Dr. Hunt, of all people, say that was incredibly vindicating, and it meant a lot.

I have a sad thing to write about, then I'll be happy again. We've been getting Christmas cards, and today I got one from a lady I worked with in Grand Forks, North Dakota. I still keep in touch with a few of the folks up there, and it's nice to be fondly remembered. I had a card today from Carole, and she included a handwritten note on her computer letter. She told me that Gordon, who was the PhD in charge of Micro when I was there--and one of the main reasons I'm doing Microbiology today--has severe Alzheimer's, and is in an Alzheimer's unit there. Apparently, he recognizes no one. I cried when I read that...he was such a brilliant man, and such a great guy. His wife was going to see him every day, but she died a couple of weeks ago due to complications from a pacemaker insertion. Carole said they're all terribly sad at the lab. I believe it, because it makes me terribly sad, too. In honor of Gordon, I'll write about my favorite memory of him. One of the tests we did was a fluorescent stain for Chlamydia. We would fix the slides using 100% ethanol...and the cheapest and easiest way to get 100% ethanol was to buy Everclear. Gordon would go a few times a year and pick up big jugs of the stuff...we always laughed about what the people at the liquor store must have thought of this guy buying mass quantities of Everclear! Hard core, that's for sure! Ah, man. Here's to ya, Gordon.

Okay, back to the happy stuff. When I opened my locker this morning, I had a little present in there, in a cute little penguin bag. It was from my cousin Erica, who works in my department. She'd gotten everyone little gifties, and since she knows that I love penguins and collect figurines, she got me this:

Isn't that cute? It's also a musical ornament, and plays "Joy to the World." Bless her heart! I love him, he's very handsome, and I don't have one like him. Thanks, Erica!

While I was editing that picture, I edited a couple that I took of Sheeba. Sometimes Ken and I have the laptops up on the table (his is his work laptop), and Sheeba found a nice, warm spot in between the "dueling laptops."

Finally, Sheeba gets really comfy, with a little help from a pillow.

Well, the snow is really coming down at the moment. Ken has been given a heads-up that I'm going to need a ride to work tomorrow morning. I hate to do that, but he was already planning on getting up early to do some work,so I won't feel too bad. We're having breakfast for dinner tonight (Do you ever do that? Sometimes, doesn't it just hit the spot?), bacon, eggs, toast, and some home fries. Yum, very tasty for a snowy night!


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buckoclown said...

Luv the neck pillow - I got it for business trips, and have enjoyed using it occasionally on the couch.  Glad to share with the Kittah, when I do not need it :o)