Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Let the big dog eat

Ken likes to order Christmas presents from Big Dogs, and they have a new T-shirt that made us both laugh:

We were talking at work yesterday about Michael Vick's conviction and 23-month sentence. We are all appalled by his actions, of course, but I had read something about the nature of the environment from which he came. Apparently, if you come from a poor urban neighborhood and you happen to make it big (by whatever means), you don't leave your friends behind. If they come around wanting your money or just to hang out or to set up an illegal betting ring, you don't turn your back on them.

While I admire Vick's loyalty to his friends, there comes a time when you have to realize that sometimes you have to distance yourself. I understand that this was the culture in which he was raised, but they were doing horrible things to these animals, and Vick was not just a bystander to it, he was a participant. I find it terribly sad that such a talented athlete, who had so many things going for him, was unable to break away from people like that. Should he be banned from the NFL? I'll put a poll up. But I don't think so. Let him serve his time and learn that what he did was wrong. He's accepting full responsibility for his actions, so I think he's well on his way. If he can stay fit in prison--and I'm certain that he can--he can come back and have a career. I think he has an opportunity to do what O.J. Simpson was unable to do: accept his punishment and resume his place in society. Simpson has been effectively shunned by the American public because we (at least most of us, or at least anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of DNA testing) believe he's guilty, and we believe that he got away with it. We don't like it when justice is not served.

I feel that in the case of Vick, it was served, and I hope he can move on after he gets out. Personally, I think he deserves the chance. What do you think?


Positive thoughts to all of our fellow Midwesterners. Ice storms are not fun--we were out of our house for four days back in 2001. We hope that things ease up, and that the power comes back on soon.

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buckoclown said...

Prayer's for those in Oklahoma.  This is one of the states in my companies service territory, and we have mobilized massive resources to address.